An exuberant explosion of edibles redefines the seasonal status quo.

Long before “Silver Bells” is audible in the corporate elevator, Tommy Cook and David Brothers have embraced the seasonal frenzy and brought forth the stuff of which Christmas grandeur is made. Engaging trimmings, seasonal trappings, and tantalizing gifts designed to rid even Ebenezer his ennui are the forte of this Dallas design duo, who’ve co-oped creative stimuli into a successful business.

David Thomas Design, their shop in Snider Plaza, houses a well-edited mix of furnishings and florals, and serves as home base for the interior design and landscaping services they partner. Desirable assemblages of the raie and humble are their stock in trade, as evidenced in the reworking of this University Park cottage where they redesigned the interior and then redecorated it for Christmas.

The once choppy, undistinguished interior was opened up and dressed in sophisticated neutrals of clay and cream and black and white, becoming the perfect background, embellished with elements of international style.

For the holidays, Cook and Brothers decreed a dramatic departure from the norm, a seasonal salad if you will, based on an enthusiastic whole earth concept where vegetable logic gets pushed to the outer limits. Glamorous, innovative, cost-effective, and low cal: what better way to say adieu to ’87?


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