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Okay, so you owe your soul to the compay store amd the only conceivable way out is bankruptcy. Since we’re talking prices here, it might interest you to know that it costs as little as $200 to file Chapter 11. Chapter 7 is an even better deal at $60. And you can pay your filing fees for either on a monthly installment plan. But don’t picture yourself left with nothing the proverbial barrel. Mere is an abridged list of what, under federal and slate laws, the creditors can’t touch.

● Your home. For legal purposes, (he family homestead can include up to 200 acres (100 for a single adult) of real property that aren’t located within city, town, or village limits, and/or one acre of land. plus any temporary residence if the bankruptee has not acquired another home.

● Home furnisliinirs. including familys (at least you’ll always be able to seek comfort in grandma’s fether bed).

● Food and beverage (stock ice box and wine cellar to ease the grieving process).

● Tools of your trade (farming and ranching equipment, musical instruments, even a boat if deemed “necessary for the production of income ).

● Athletic and sporting equipment (pump iron instead of oil).

● Clothing (nothing will ever come between you and your Calvins).

● Jewelry ($500 worth is protected: after that, it’s open season).

● Two firearms (pack one for and the little Mrs.)

● Automobiles antd trucks, if not used as part of one’s trade.

Or opt for the a la carte, two of the followim; means of transportalion. whether used for business or not: two horses, colts, mules, or donkeys: bicyele or motorcyrle; wagon or cart; automobile; (ruck cab. trailer, camper, or pickup.

● Household pete, five cow-., one breeding age bull. twety each of hogs, sheep. and goats, fifty chickens, and (flirty each of turkeys, ducks, geese. and guineas.

● Cash value of any life insurance policy in force for more than two years.

● Wafies you are currently earning.

● Social securty, disability unemployment, and veterans’ benefits, plus coni-pensalion due on stuck bonuses, pensions, and prufit sharing.

●Alimony and child support payments.

●Your burial plot.