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By D Magazine |

Thumbs down to Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price for his irresponsible conduct in defying a state judge’s order and his stooping to demagoguery in recent real estate business? Was it because:

a) Times Herald managers,new in town, don’t understandthat East Dallas jokes are notethnic slurs?

b) the Swiss Avenue Hometour, a major East Dallas real estate promotion, was the sameweekend?

c) the Times Herald was introducing a so-called “expanded” Sunday real estate section tolure advertisers upset about adrate increases at the rival DallasMorning News?

d)in its quest for greater readership, the Times Herald isreaching for new heights ofblandness?

e) all of the above?

-Dennis Holder

An array of federal and state investigators are fuming about testimony given by Highland Park Fire Marshall Wide Bragg during the recent trial of Peggy Taylor, a Rowlett woman convicted last month for setting a house fire that killed her husband, two children, and a family friend.

Bragg, related to Taylor, testified on the convicted woman’s behalf, claiming he never observed any domestic problems between Taylor and her late husband. Officials were also upset because Bragg appeared at the Rowlett fire scene and offered his theory about how it started.