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The Dallas Independent School District’s vanguard, academy, and magnet schools offer students a flexible curriculum. Admission is open at all vanguards and academies except the Center for the Academically Talented and Gifted. Students are generally admitted on a first-come, first-served basis, but ethnic balance is considered. An application must be completed for admission to one of the magnet or career development centers. Enrollment is limited in most schools. For more information, call the DISD at 824-1620. ext. 381. Five elementary schools offer specific programs to attract students from throughout the district.

The descriptive information printed here was provided by each school.

Center for the Academically Talented and Gifted. KB. Polk, 6911 Victoria, 75209.358-4576. For the above-average or unusually curious student, this school’s curriculum features subjects not usually taught in elementary schools. Admission procedures begin in January. Parents should talk to the home school principal by February 1 for their child to be considered for the next school year.

Center for Expressive Arts. Sidney Lanier. 1400 Walmsley, 75208. 742-3661. Self-expression and creativity are encouraged through general music, instrumental music, dramatizations, dance, and art.

Center for Individually Guided Education. Maynard Jackson. 2929 Stag Road, 75241.371-4346. Small classes allow students to learn in a program of study especially designed to enhance learning opportunities. Classes stress self-direction, initiative, and responsibility.

Fundamental School. Mark Twain 724 Green Cove Lane, 75232. 371-5304. It’s back to basics here with a structured, traditional approach emphasizing the “three R’s.’ Independent study and homework are stressed. Also, concentration on high-level thinking skills in all classes.

L.L. Hotchkiss Montessori Academy. (K-8) 6929 Town North Dr., 75231. 548-3730. Learning by self-discovery. The Montessori method places the responsibility for learning on the student, who actually learns from his/her environment, not from the teacher. The teacher serves as a dynamic link between the class environment and the student, and it is through this link that learning takes place.

THE NEXT GROUP includes academies-special schools for seventh and eighth graders:

Career Exploration Academy. Longfellow. 5314 Boaz, 75209. 357-5711. The traditional, basic middle-school program is offered here, along with opportunities to explore many career options. Resource speakers and visits to area businesses let students see the working world firsthand.

Classical Academy. Oliver Wendell Holmes, 2001 E. Kiest Blvd., 75216. 375-2535. Courses are available here that are not found at any other middle school in Dallas. Humanities {for foreign languages), music instruction, art classes, a computer program, and an outstanding gymnastics program enhance basic subjects.

Environmental Science Academy. T.A Edison (formerly Sequoyah), 2940 Singleton Blvd., 75212. 637-1340. This school attracts the nature lover: classrooms are often fields, streams, and hills. In addition to language and math skills, students study horticulture, bacteriology, botany, and other environmental sciences.

Exploratory Arts Academy. WE. Greiner Mid dle School, 625 S” Edgefield, 75208. 943-1196. Artistically talented students are encouraged to develop their individual interests through studies in visual arts, gymnastics, theater, dance, and choral and instrumental music. Regular and honors middle-school programs are also offered.

Fundamental Academy. William Hawley Atwell, 1303 Reynoldston Lane, 75232.376-7321. As the name implies, basic subjects are emphasized. Elective courses include Spanish, French, computer literacy, orchestra, band, and music. Students are grouped heterogeneously but honor classes are available in mathematics, language arts, and social studies.

HIGH SCHOOL students, grades nine through 12, are eligible to attend magnet schools. Enrollment is limited in most schools. A pre-enrollment period is held each year for the coming year:

Arts Magnet. 2501 Flora St., 75201. 744-3247. Students have the option of attending this school full time to take academic courses or attending part time and taking academics at a home school. The school offers a strong academic college preparatory program. Intensive preliminary training is given in the visual arts (painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, weaving, jewelry making, and others) and the performing arts (dance, music, theater).

Business and Management Center. 2218 Bryan St., 75201.651-9811. This magnet operates in an administrative and office setting in the Central Business Distnct. On-the-job training is emphasized; paid internships are available for grades 11 and 12 (students work half a day).

Career Development Center. Skyline. 7777 Forney Road, 75227. 388-5731. An 80-acre campus encompasses 24 areas of study. The building complex covers about 14 acres and includes a color television studio, computer center, airplane hangar, media center, greenhouse, and other special-purpose areas. Skyline is an extension of DISD high schools. Students may attend on a part-time basis for three-hour career-education courses or may transfer to the school full time.

Education and Social Services Magnet. 1738 Gano St., 75215. 421-0966. Designed for students who want to explore careers in psychology, social services, education, and child development. Students volunteer/ work in on-site preschool and elementary school and in agencies and schools throughout the community. All students study basic counseling skills.

High School for Health Professions. 4515 Ross Ave., 75204.823-6200. Introductory and advanced programs prepare students for various health careers such as pre-medicine, pre-dentistry, pre-veterinary, license vocational nursing, nursing, medical technology, biosci-ence, medical assisting, dental assisting, dental technology, medical surgical supply technician, and hospital administrative and support services. Emphasis is also placed on academic preparation for college.

Lincoln Humanhies/Communications Magnet. 2826 Hatcher St., 75215. 421-712). This alternative program offers a challenging liberal arts education to help prepare students for college. Courses include philosophy, literature, languages, journalism, radio/TV/film, fine arts, history, anthropology, and social sciences.

Public Services: Government and Law. 912 S Ervay St., 75206. 748-9991. Students interested in careers in law, criminal justice, and public affairs will enjoy this curriculum. Courses are geared to both career- and college-bound students. Social-science internships are often available after three years in the magnet program.


The Fort Worth Independent School District’s magnet schools are heavily academic and require testing of middle school and high school students for entry. Admissions procedures begin in January. Call 336-8311, ext. 614, for more information.

Three elementary schools are available for students in kindergarten through fifth grades:

Daggett Elementary Montessori. 958 Page, 76110.926-8984. Emphasizes the Montessori method of teaching-a philosophy of child growth and a basis for guiding such growth. Feeds into Daggett Middle School.

D. McRae International School of Language. 3316 Avenue N., 76105.535-7340. Spanish emersion program designed to help students learn Spanish as a speaking language. Computer literacy also offered.

Morningside Preparatory School of Science and Mathematics. 2601 Evans. 76104,926-8984- Designed for students in grades 2-5 with a gift of learning science and math. Entry requires a math and reading score of at least 80 percentile on the Iowa Test of Basic Skills.

Five middle schools are available for students in grades 6-8:

Daggett Middle School Montessori. 1108 Carlock. 76110. 926-8984. See Daggett Elementary.

Middle School of Math, Science and Communication. Dunbar, 2501 Stalcup Road, 76119. 496-9645. A specialized program with intense mathematics and science offerings to challenge the academically talented with emphasis on the communication field.

Middle School of Math, Science and Horticulture. J.P Elder, 709 N.W. 21st St., 76106.626-2841. Designed for students academically able in math and science and who might have an interest in. medicine.

Pre-International Baccalaureate Program. Momingside, 2751 Mississippi. 76104. 927-7347. A broad liberal arts program designed to prepare students for entry into the International Baccalaureate program at O.D. Wyatt. Coordinator: Evelyn Meeks.

William James College Readiness Academy. 1101 Nashville, 76105.535-6495. General academic program with an emphasis in the financial area. Features small, enriched classes. Coordinator: Kathleen Sheridan.

Four high schools are available for students in grades 9-12:

High School for Finance Professions. Poly technic, 1300 Conner, 76105. 535-0085. Designed for college-bound students who have a special interest in finance, accounting, computer science, law, and communications. Coordinator: Lea Martin-Cockerell.

High School of Medical Professions. North Side, 2211 McKinley, 76106.624-1581. Students learn basics along with exploratory medical careers classes.

High School for Science and Engineering Professions. Dunbar, 5700 Rarney Ave., 76112. 451-2558. Designed for academically strong students preparing to enter college in mathematics, the sciences, humanities, and computer science.

International Baccalaureate. O.D. Wyatt, 2400 E. Seminary, 536-7608. A program designed to promote international understanding while providing for the completion of secondary education as preparation for entry into a college or university.

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