A listing of area medical institutions


Baylor University Medical Center

3500 Gaston Ave., Dallas, 820-1111. 1,275 beds.

Baylor is the largest general hospital in Texas and second largest in the United States. The Sammons Cancer Center provides state-of-the-art equipment and five support groups for patients and their families. The Hunt Heart Center is a comprehensive cardiac care unit dedicated to curing heart disease. Other special centers treat digestive diseases, arthritis, diabetes, visual function and psoriasis. TelMed is a taped telephone library with more than 500 health topics, including drug abuse, childhood diseases, mental health and aging. Helpline, a physician referral service, refers Baylor physicians who are conveniently located to the caller’s area. Baylor’s expectant-parent classes include prenatal care and fitness, Caesarean and child care. The Susan G. Komen Breast Center offers mammography and ultrasound for women who want to make breast exams part of their health program.

Charter Suburban Hospital

1012 N. Galloway, Mesquite, 320-7000. 143 beds.

Charter Suburban is a full-service hospital serving the Mesquite area. 24-hour emergency care is available.

Dallas County Hospital District, Parkland Memorial Hospital,

5201 Harry Hines Blvd., 637-8000. 932 beds.

Parkland provides a Young Adult Clinic which offers crisis counseling, alcohol and drug abuse information, venereal disease treatment, minor medical care and general health education for young people and their parents. Specialized services include a cardiovascular laboratory, an epilepsy treatment center, gynecology, hemodialysis, high risk maternity, pediatric trauma intensive care unit, kidney transplants and sleep studies. Community services offered are animal bite treatment, battered wife and child-abuse counseling, family guidance, handicapped parking decals, foreign travel immunization, rape crisis center, suicide hotline, T.B. clinic, a mental health center and a 24-hour emergency room. Parkland houses the North Central Texas Poison Center, which is designed to handle phone calls concerning poisonous substances. Most can be treated at home. The center can also treat severe cases in the facility.

Dallas Family Hospital

2929 South Hampton Rd., Dallas, 330-4611. 104 beds.

This full-service hospital will be the new home of the Stevens Park Osteopathic Hospital. The new facility will open May 1st, with all private rooms on a new 18 acre campus. The compound will have a hospital, a medical education building and an office building. They will have 24-hour emergency services with both M.D.’s and D.O.’s on duty.

R.H. Dedman Memorial Medical Center

7 Medical Parkway, Fanners Branch, 247-1000. 168 beds.

The Brookhaven Nursing Center provides patients with long-term care. Brookhaven Pavillion specializes in psychiatric services, eating disorders, alcoholism and drug recovery. RHD Memorial Hospital’s specialities handle diabetes, cardiac and pulmonary care. The Education Department offers a variety of courses including stress reduction and breast self-examination. Support groups are also offered. The Lifesaver Program is designed to train someone in every home in the service area to do basic CPR. The Medical Center offers 24-hour emergency service, radiology, an out patient program, intensive care, pediatrics, obstetrics, orthopedics, neurosciences and others.

Doctors Hospital

9440 Poppy Dr., Dallas, 324-6100. 278 beds.

Doctors Hospital is a full-service medical and surgical facility. Hospital services include a 24-hour emergency room, oncology, an intensive care unit, a 24-hour emergency room, physician-referral program, a diabetic program, geriatrics, gynecology, orthopedics, radiology, out patient services, pediatrics and kidney dialysis. The health education program offers a quit-smoking clinic, and TOPS weight loss clinic. The in-patient program is for those who need to know more about their illness and how to care for themselves when they get home.

Garland Community Hospital

122 S. International Dr., Garland, 276-7116 122 beds. 6 ICU beds.

A full-service hospital with specialties such as orthopedics, ear, nose and throat surgery and plastic surgery. Garland Community Hospital has 24-hour emergency service and four fully equipped emergency rooms.

General Hospital of Lakewood

1600 Abrams Rd., Dallas, 824-4541. 60 beds.

This general medical and surgery facility has a bulimia and anorexia treatment program. They have 24-hour emergency services and reduced prices for emergency care on weekends and from 7 pm-7 am on weekdays. They also have a physician referral program.

Irving Community Hospital

1901 MacArthur, Irving, 579-8100. 288 beds.

Irving Community is a full-service facility whose medical specialties include oncology, diabetes, kidney dialysis, pediatrics, orthopedics and obstetrics (birthing room and infant rooming-in program). Other services provided are a 24-hour emergency room, an outpatient program, intensive care, radiology, a day surgery program and a Home Health Care program that serves housebound patients. The Lifeline program enables elderly or disabled persons to contact the emergency room with a portable device. Closed-circuit television and specially trained nurses instruct patients on subjects such as CPR, motherhood and diabetes. Free blood pressure checks are given in the emergency room daily. Prenatal and infant care instruction is available to expectant parents. A car seat is given to couples who have their baby at Irving Community. Also offered are individualized diet instruction and babysitting classes for teen-agers.

Lewisville Memorial Hospital

500 W. Main, Lewisville, 221-1583. 110 beds.

Presently expanding to 150 beds, Lewisville Memorial is a full-service hospital with a variety of specialties. They have 24-hour emergency services.

Medical City-Humana Hospital

Dallas, 7777 Forest Lane, Dallas, 661-7000. 555 beds.

Medical City is a full-service hospital that offers such medical and surgical services as an extensive cardiac-care unit, a day-surgery program, a neonatal unit and an outpatient program. Other services provided are a 24-hour emergency room (fees are based on the severity of the illness or injury), neuro-sciences, orthopedics, oncology, gynecol-ogy, urology, radiology, pediatrics, obstetrics, plastic surgery, hematology, pathology, ophthalmology, intensive care and an outpatient program. Expectant couples can take advantage of ongoing classes that include prenatal, early pregnancy, Caesarean and classes for siblings. A patient education program is provided through closed-circuit television and an extensive tape library.

Medical City has been designated by Humana as a Center of Excellence in neuro-sciences and cardiology.

Memorial Hospital of Garland

2300 Marie Curie, Garland, 276-9511. 192 beds.

Memorial Hospital is a general acute-care facility whose medical specialities include nuclear medicine, audiology, cardiology, cardiac rehabilitation, mammography, obstetrics and CAT scan. Other medical services include a 24-hour emergency room, urology, gynecology, physical and respiratory therapy, orthopedics, internal medicine, neurology, intensive care, radiology and a pediatric and psychiatric ward. The education department offers diabetic classes, babysitting classes for teenagers and adults who want to befriend the elderly or disabled. The wellness program includes a comprehensive health assessment and a specially designed exercise program. Also provided are prenatal and LaMaze classes, CPR, weight control and stop-smoking classes.

Methodist Medical Center

301 W. Colorado, Dallas, 944-8181. 508 beds.

Methodist provides a full range of medical services including oncology, neonatalogy, hematology, cardiology, ear-nose-throat, pulmonology, pediatrics, an extensive cardiac care unit, outpatient services and a day-surgery program. Emergency services include a 24-hour emergency room with a trauma care unit (prices are based on the severity of the illness or injury), a helicopter ambulance and an intensive care unit. The Diabetes Management Center helps patients gain control of their illness and cares for patients with complications. Public health education classes include CPR, a weight-loss program, blood pressure screenings, stress reduction and relaxation, a better breathing club and diabetes seminars. The Lifeline program enables the elderly or disabled to ring the hospital emergency room with a special portable system. The Health-line is a health information phone-in service with more than 200 topics.

Piano General Hospital

3901 W. 15th St., Piano, 596-6800. 233 beds.

Piano General’s medical specialties include orthopedic surgery, internal medicine, plastic surgery, allergies and asthma, family practice, general surgery and 30 others. Emergency services include a 24-hour emergency room staffed by emergency physicians around the clock. A comprehensive therapy department includes physical, occupational and cardiac rehabilitation. Community services provided are a physician-referral line and a par course. The Center for Lifestyle Enhancement is a group of health professionals who offer clinics on stress reduction, weight loss, exercise and others. The Speakers Bureau will provide a speaker anywhere in Dallas at no charge. Prenatal classes include SIBS (special ideas for brothers and sisters) and MOM (methods of mothering for first-time mothers).

Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas.

8200 Walnut Hill lane, Dallas, 369-4111. 838 beds.

Presbyterian has an extensive medical and dental staff of more than 800. Medical services include a 24-hour emergency room, intensive care unit, internal medicine, radiology, orthopedics, neurology, psychiatry, an arthritis consultation center, hemo-dialysis, infection control, outpatient services, geriatrics, and a cardiac rehabilitation program. The Margot Perot Women’s and Children’s Hospital specializes in maternal and child health care. Other specialities include GYN surgery, obstetrics, a newborn and critical-care nursery and an invitro fertilization and embryo transfer program. Other services provided are a radiation therapy center, oncology unit, sleep/wake disorders center, The Finley Ewing Cardiovascular and Fitness Center, which includes programs on quitting smoking, diet and excercise, CPR and stress-management. Support groups are offered for families of cancer patients and stroke victims. The American Lung Association sponsors a better breathing club for those with respiratory problems.

Richardson Medical Center (B.B. Owens Memorial Hospital)

401 W. Campbell Rd., Richardson, 231-1441. 242 beds.

RMC is a short-term acute-care facility offering all major medical services except obstetrics. Services include physical therapy, psychiatry, pediatrics, cardiology evaluation center, outpatient services, radiology, nuclear medicine, ultrasound and a 24-hour emergency room with around-the-clock physician supervision. Community programs include a weight-reduction program, stress management, stop smoking, CPR and prenatal classes. A health fair is held annually so local residents can evaluate their health.

St. Paul Medical Center

5909 Harry Hines Blvd., Dallas, 8791000. 600 beds.

St. Paul is a full-service hospital whose areas of excellence include arthritis, cardiovascular, maternal/child care, oncology, psychiatry, pulmonary care and epidemiology. Patient and community education classes offered are medical terminology, chemical dependency and CPR. Inpatient classes include pulmonary care, diabetes and cardiovascular care. The Health Institute offers aerobic exercise, jazz dancing, swimming lessons and racquetball. The Lifestyle program is designed to help you to eat right, lose weight, relax or stop smoking. The hospital provides a 24-hour emergency room and an intensive care unit. St. Paul was the first hospital in Texas to establish a clinic for low-income families.

Southeastern Methodist Hospital

9202 Elam Rd., Dallas, 372-7603. 172 beds.

SMH is a general medical and surgical facility offering a wide range of services including general, orthopedic and vascular surgery; internal medicine; pulmonology; gastroenterology; obstetrics; an outpatient program; and a day-surgery program. Emergency services include a 24-hour emergency room (prices are based on severity) and an intensive care unit. The cardiac rehabilitation program is an exercise facility for those recovering from cardiac problems. The Alcohol and Chemical Dependency Treatment Center is a 28-day program that includes group counseling and activities. The Maternity Care Center provides prenatal classes and the Bundle of Joy program, which provides the new parents with $200 worth of gifts when they pre-pay their portion of the hospital bill. Health-education classes include CPR, stress management and relaxation, weight reduction, stop smoking, blood pressure screenings, a better breathing club and diabetes seminars.

Trinity Medical Center

4343 N. Josey, Carrollton, 492-1010. 141 beds.

A full-service hospital with a 24-hour emergency room, Trinity Medical Center has a joint invitro fertilization program with the Texas Endocrine and Fertility Institute. It also has community education and a physician referral service.


Arlington Community Hospital

3301 Matlock Rd., Arlington, (817) 465-3241. 192 beds.

Currently expanding to 286 beds, Arlington Community is an acute-care facility with 24-hour emergency services. The new expansion will include a family centered obstetrics unit and a wellness center.

Arlington Memorial Hospital

800 W. Randol Mill Rd., Arlington (817) 274-5581. 380 beds.

Arlington is a general acute-care facility. It offers a 24-hour emergency room with four trauma areas and a chemical decontamination room. Hospital services include neurosciences, orthopedics, oncology, radiology, pediatrics, obstetrics, plastic surgery, a day surgery program, kidney dialysis, ultrasound and out patient services. Surgery programs include cardiac, laser, micro and neuro surgeries. Educational programs offered are a school for back problems, arthritis and diabetes.

Dallas/Fort Worth Medical Center

2709 Hospital Blvd., Grand Prairie, 641-5000. 377 beds.

Dallas/Fort Worth Medical Center is a full-service medical surgical hospital. They have a 24-hour emergency room and trauma center. A drug and alcohol abuse care unit is also available.

Harris Hospital H.E.B.

1600 Hospital Parkway, Bedford, (817) 283-1561. 314 beds.

Harris Hospital H.E.B. is a full-service, non-profit facility. Medical specialities include maternity, gynecology, physical and occupational therapy and an outpatient program. Other services provided are nuclear medicine, radiology and chemotherapy. Emergency treatment services provided are a 24-hour emergency room, a helicopter ambulance and an intensive care unit. The Addiction Treatment Center is a comprehensive program for the treatment of alcoholism and chemical-dependent problems. The Center also operates an outpatient treatment program for individuals not requiring hospital-ization. Expectant couples can participate in prenatal classes such as sibling, caesarean and exercise programs. Also offered are an infant rooming-in program and The Stork Club, which is a candlelight dinner for the new parents on the eve of their hospital departure.


All Saints Episcopal Hospital

1400 Eighth Ave., Fort Worth, (817) 926-2544. 533 beds.

All Saints is a general acute-care facility with medical specialities psychiatry, obstetrics, diagnostic radiology and orthopedics. The Carter Rehabilitation Center provides a comprehensive cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation program. Other services provided are a 24-hour emergency room, kidney dialysis, gynecology, urology, neurology and general surgery. The Family Life Center offers a prenatal program for expectant couples including exercise and sibling classes. The Education Center offers classes in CPR, stress management, weight control, exercise and a quit smoking program. Also provided are a Sleep Disorders Clinic and a day-surgery unit.

Fort Worth Children’s

1400 Cooper (817) 336-9861

Cook Children’s Hospital

1212 W. Lancaster (817) 336-5521 167 combined beds.

As shared-services hospitals, Fort Worth Children’s and Cook Children’s hospitals offer a complete range of pediatric medical and surgical and services. The hospitals, which treat children 21 and younger, are known for their neonatal intensive care unit, children’s cancer clinic and open-heart surgery services. A pulmonary function unit was recently added to the list of services. About 60 percent of the patients are referred from outside the county.

Harris Hospital-Methodist

1301 Pennsylvania Ave, Fort Worth, (817) 334-6011. 628 beds.

One of the largest private obstetrical hospitals in the country, Harris Hospital offers a comprehensive prenatal program, including LaMaze classes, excercise, Caesar-ean and classes for siblings. The education department offers classes in self-defense, CPR, fertility and home health care. The wellness program provides an on-site fitness center supervised by medical personnel who will perform a complete physical assessment before recommending an excercise program. Harris Hospital is one of the few hospitals in Dallas/Fort Worth that offers invitro fertilization. Specialties include a comprehensive cardiovascular unit and a neurosurgery program. An extended laboratory enables Harris to perform a wide range of lab tests. Harris provides one of the few helicopter ambulance services in Tarrant County.

Medical Plaza Hospital

1612 W. Humbolt, Fort Worth, (817) 336-2100. 338 beds.

Medical Plaza is an acute-care medical and surgical facility. The Coronary Care Unit provides state-of-the-art equipment and an extensive cardiac rehabilitation unit. Other services provided are an outpatient program, day surgery, orthopedics and general medicine and surgery. Medical Plaza is one of two hospitals that performs coronary bypass surgery. The Community Wellness program works with other local organizations to promote health awareness. The programs are mobile and can be held on the work site or in the lecture hall. Topics include nutrition, diabetes and arthritis. The Education and Rehabilitation Department offers diabetes management, a weight-loss program, pulmonary training for lung disorders and instruction on coping with stroke and arthritis.

Osteopathic Medical Center-Hospital

1000 Montgomery, Fort Worth (817) 731-4311. 200 beds.

As the primary teaching hospital for the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine, this full-service facility offers a 24-hour emergency room staffed by licensed osteopathic physicians. Specialties include obstetrics, gynecology, urology, oncology and neurology. A planned expansion will increase the number of beds to 265, in addition to creating a one-day surgery facility. The hospital offers a variety of community education programs on smoking, headaches, back pain and other topics. Natural childbirth classes are also available. The hospital is staffed by osteopathic physicians, who as part of their medical philosophy and training, include manipulative therapy in the treatment of disease.

Saint Joseph Hospital

1401 S. Main St., Fort Worth, (817) 336-9371. 475 beds.

Saint Joseph is an acute-care, medical and surgical hospital. Medical specialties include a 24-hour emergency room, oncology, ophthalmology, rehabilitation, orthopedics, outpatient services and adult and adolescent psychiatric services. The Sports Medicine Center specializes in the conditioning, treatment and rehabilitation of sports and industrial injuries. Also offered is a physical fitness program. The Community Hospice provides care for terminal cancer patients who wish to remain at home. The Home Health Care Service provides intermittent professional care for patients recuperating at home.

Tarrant County Hospital District John Peter Smith Hospital

1500 S. Main St., Fort Worth, (817) 921-3431. 420 beds.

TCHD is a full-service acute care facility. Medical services include a 24-hour emergency room that houses four trauma units equipped with critical life-saving equipment and around-the-clock emergency physicians. Other services include intensive care, a coronary care unit, an outpatient clinic, general and plastic surgery, orthopedics, obstetrics, gynecology, urology, pediatrics and ophthalmology, The Family Health Center and radiology. The psychiatric program includes intensive short-term, group, and prolonged therapy. The patient education program is staffed by professionals such as dieticians, nutritionists, obstetrical counselors, preoperative instructors and social workers.

White Settlement Hospital

701 S. Cherry Ln., Fort Worth, (817) 246-2491. 48 beds.

Serving west Tarrant County, White Settlement Hospital is a full-service short-term facility with 24-hour emergency services.


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