Are some Greenville area locations doomed due to the mysterious vicissitudes of geography or timing? Why do some places change names and owners so often? Is it the decor? The food? The crowd? The weather? Is God involved in this? We don’t know, but do you recall the earlier incarnations of these Greenville hot spots?

CONFETTI: Cowboy, 1979-1980; Bump’s Smokehouse and Saloon, 1976-1979; Kitty Hawk Flight II, 1975-1976; Kitty Hawk, 1973-1975; Louann’s (last location) 1969-1973.

UPTOWN CULTURE CLUB: Overflow Club, 1982-1983; Club Monte Carlo, 1982; Benson’s, 1981-1982; The Great Indoors, 1974-1981; Nick DeGeorge’s, 1971-1974.

THE CRIB: Ground Zero, 1982-1984; Waylon’s High Country, 1981-1982; The Connection, 1981; Latin Connection, 1980-1981; The Whiskey Box, 1980; Mother Blue’s East, 1979-1980; Bogie’s 1977-1979; Harlow’s, 1976-1977; Bogie’s, 1975-1976.


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