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DALLAS City of Winners

By D Magazine |

Nestled sedately between beautiful trees on lower Swiss Avenue, this gracious red brick home at 3611 Swiss seems more appropriate as a backdrop for afternoon tea or lawn parties than for its much more vital, significant role in real life.

As home base for the team of highly trained professionals which make up the staff of Swiss Avenue Counseling Center, the building which Victor Scott Bowles built for his home in 1904 is now the turn-around point in the lives of thousands of Dallas citizens. People with problems, families with psychological needs, personalities in turmoil have been turning to the Center in increasing numbers as the positive results of their counseling have become more and more evident throughout the city.

The Counseling Center is a non-profit, nondenomina-tional agency which provides counseling services for Dallas area children, adolescents and adults. The Center offers individual, marital and family counseling, children’s play therapy, educational workshops, and business and professional seminars. Other services include alcoholic and drug abuse counseling for both individuals and the families involved, a lay resource program and a community outreach program.

One of the Centers most exciting contributions to the mental health of Dallas has been its success in breaking the chain of personal maladjustment in the lives of individual family members which, if not interrupted, is passed on from generation to generation. The Center has thus become a place where both children and adults can come for help. Each member of the family learns to resolve internal conflicts and emotional problems while developing tools for quality family life.

Over 7,000 people have been counseled since the Center started in 1977. Its effective ministry needs to become even better known.