Apparently Sheriff Carl Thomas will stop at nothing to ensure the support of his deputies in this election year. After summarily firing two deputies who had the gall to file against him in the race, Thomas is now putting heavy pressure on the county deputies’ association to make its endorsement by open rather than secret ballot.

Department insiders say the unprecedented open vote would virtually assure Thomas of the deputies’ endorsement,-despite widespread dissatisfaction with the sheriff among his minions. “Everybody’d be afraid he’d fire them too if they didn’t come out for him,” says one former deputy. Word is association officers are stalling the endorsement vote as long as they can in hopes Thomas will soften his stand.

Meanwhile, the considerable ranks of Thomas’ former deputies are planning some dirty tricks for the sheriff once the campaign heats up. An informal group of the ex-deputies is reportedly raising money for a massive anti-Thomas brochure and bumper sticker campaign. Their slogan? “Will Rogers Never Met Carl Thomas.”


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