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Our toughest trivia quiz ever.

1. What are the most points the Cowboys have ever scored in one quarter?

2. Two former SMU quarterbackshave played for the Cowboys. One,of course, was Don Meredith. Whowas the other?

3. Dallas Cowboy “rejects” havepopulated the rosters of many otherNFL teams. The 1979 SeattleSeahawks opened training campwith seven former Cowboys. Namethe seven.

4. Who played pro football for theCowboys and pro basketball for theNew Orleans Bucs of the ABA inthe same year?

5. Name the only Cowboy center toplay in the Pro Bowl.

6. Name the Dallas Cowboy who participated in the Olympic Games as ahigh jumper.

7. When the Dallas franchise wasawarded in 1960, the club was notcalled the Cowboys for the first fewmonths. What was the team’s firstnickname?

8. Name the four colleges that havebeen used by the Cowboys as training camp sites.

9. In 1976, his longest run from scrimmage was 14 yards, yet he led theCowboys in rushing that season. Name him.

10. In the entire history of the Dallas Cowboys, what two jersey numbers between 10 and 90 have never been used during the regular season?

11. Name the Cowboy who was once responsible for an 8-point swing on a single play.

12. Who was the first DallasCowboy to touch the football in a regular seasongame?

13. Who’s the lowest rounddraft choice ever to stickwith the Cowboys?

14. What two NFL cities hasDallas never played in during the regular season?

15. Who scored the first touchdown in Texas Stadium?

16. Ten players have playedquarterback for the Cowboys.What two share the samebirthday?

17. For the past seven years, he’sbeen the Dallas Cowboys’airplane pilot. Name him.

18. Who resigned his job as a pharmaceutical salesman to join the Cowboys?

19. Name the Dallas Cowboy who played for the team more than a decade, but actually failed to make the squad on his first try.

20. What two teams has Dallas never beaten during the regular season?

21. Who was the first Dallas Cowboy to play in the Pro Bowl?

22. Name the only Notre Dame playerever to play with the Cowboys.

23. Name the starting backfield for theCowboys’ first regular season gameever, in 1960 vs. Pittsburgh.

24. Two Cowboys were No. 1 draftchoices despite the fact that eachplayer’s college football team wononly one game in his senior year.Name them.

25. Of all the players the Cowboysreceived in 1960 from the expansionplayer pool, who was the last toretire?

26. Match these Cowboys with theircollege teammates.

1. Too Tall Jones A. Lance Rentzel

2. Ralph Neely B. Danny White

3. Burton Lawless C. Scott Laidlaw

4. Pat Donovan D. Glynn Gregory

5. Mel Renfro E. Mike Hegman

6. Don Meredith F. Mike Gaechter

7. Bob Breunig G. Larry Brinson

27. SMU has contributed nine playerswho played in at least one game forthe Cowboys, more than any othercollege. Two other schools in theSouthwest Conference have provided six players each to the Cowboys.Name the two colleges.

28. Name the Cowboy player notedamong his teammates for beingbowlegged.

29. Shortly before the Cowboys ralliedto pull out a 30-28 victory in a 1972playoff game with San Francisco,Dave Wilcox of the 49ers yelled outa memorable line at the Cowboys.What did he say?

30. Match the player’s name with hislocker room nickname:

1.Bubba Frank A. Charlie Waters

2. Delco B. Randy Hughes

3. Lumberjack C. Preston Pearson4. Gnat D. Burton Lawless5. Mushy E. Larry Cole

6. Muddy F. Doug Dennison

7. Sweet feet G. Aaron Kyle

31. Match these players with their alma maters:

1. Jethro Pugh A. Kutztown State

2. Herbert Scott B. Morgan State

3. Thomas C. Ouachita BaptistHenderson D. Elizabeth City

4. Rayfield Wright State

5. Cliff Harris E. Virginia Union

6. Mark Washington F. Fort Valley State

7. Doug Dennison G. Langston

32. Every draft since 1970 has produced at least one player who still plays for the Cowboys – except for one miserable draft. What year was it?

33. One of these players never playedfor the Dallas Cowboys. Which one?

Byron Bradfute

Buzz Guy

Ed Nutting

Bob Grottkau

Claxton Welch

Bill Gogolewski

Cyril Pinder

John Gonzaga

Ola Lee Murchison

Lance Poimboeuf

34. Name the Cowboy players who saidthese memorable lines:

A.”Everybody’s got to be someplace.”

B. “If this is the ultimate game,why are they playing another onenext year?”

C. “Don’t read that thing, kid;everybody gets killed in the end.”

35. Only three receivers in Cowboyhistory have caught as many as tentouchdown passes in a season. Onewas Bob Hayes. Who were theother two?

36. What current major-league baseballplayer was drafted by the Cowboysbut chose baseball instead?

37. Five Cowboys have played in allfive Dallas Super Bowls. Name the five.

38. Name the Dallas Cowboy who received a two-horse trailer as a signing bonus.

39. Which of these Cowboys was not a free agent? Dan Reeves Pettis Norman Drew Pearson Jay Saldi Scott Laidlaw Dave Edwards Cliff Harris Doug Dennison

40. The front four of the original Doomsday Defense in 1964 included Bob Lilly and George Andrie. Who were the other two?

41. The Cowboys’ all-time roster includes three Barneses, three Johnsons, three Davises, and three Thomases. But only two surnames have played for the Cowboys four times. What are they?

42. Two Dallas Cowboys were signed toa “personal services contract”before the club was even granted afranchise. One was Don Meredith.Who was the other?

43. There have been five Dallas Cowboys whose primary college sport was basketball. Name them.

44. Four men once coached by Tom Landry are now or have been head coaches in the NFL. Name the four.

45. Who kicked the Cowboys’ first field goal ever?

46. The Cowboys in Column II were drafted with the draft choices received when the Cowboys in Column I were traded. Match each traded player in Column I with the player drafted in his place in Column II.


1. Amos Marsh A. Harvey Martin

2. Jerry Rhome B. Tony Hill

3. Halvor Hagen C. Ed Jones

4. Tom Stincic D. Wall Garrison

5. Tody Smith E. Charlie Waters

6. Craig Morton F. Randy White

7. John Niland G. Robert Newhouse

47. Who was the sportswriter whocoined the phrase “DoomsdayDefense?”

48. Who was the first Cowboy to benamed captain of the specialty teams?

49. What NBA All-Pro was drafted bythe Cowboys but chose basketballinstead?

50. Name the Cowboy staff memberwho holds the NFL record for mostsafeties in a season.


/. 28, vs. the Sew York Jets in 1971

2. John Roach, 1964

3. Efren Herrera, Bill Gregory, Duke Fergerson,Ron Howard, Dave Kraayeveld, CharlesMcShane, and Jim Zorn

4. Ron Widby

5. Dave Manders, 1967

6. Colin Ridgway

7. “Rangers”

8. Pacific University, St. Olaf, NorthernMichigan, Cat Lutheran

9. Doug Dennison

10. 16 and 69

11. Andy Cverko. During a 30-28 loss toPittsburgh in 1962, Eddie LeBaron completeda 99-yard touchdown pass to Frank Clarke,but Cverko was caught holding in the endzone, nullifying the TD and giving Pittsburghan automatic safety. (The rule has since been changed.)

12. Tom Franckhauser received the openingkickoff in the Cowboys’ inaugural game against Pittsburgh in I960.

13. Amos Bullocks, drafted 20th in 1962

14. Cincinnati and Tampa Bay

15. Duane Thomas

16. Roger Staubach and Craig Morton – Feb. 5;Roger is one year older.

17. Wally Nicholson

18. Mike Clark, placekicker 1968-71

19. Dave Edwards

20. Oakland and Miami

21. Jim Doran, in 1961 as a wide receiver

22. Bob Belden, qb., 1969-70

23. Eddie LeBaron, Don Mcllhenny,and Gene Babb

24. John Niland from Iowa and ThomasHenderson from Langston

25. Jerry Tubbs, in 1967

26. I-E, 2-A, 3-G, 4-C, 5-F, 6-D, 7-B

27. Baylor and Rice

28. Lee Roy Jordan

29.“Now you guvs know how it feels to lose. “

30. 1-E. 2-F. 3-B.4-G. 5-D. 6-A. 7-C

31. 1-D, 2-E, 3-G, 4-F, 5-C, 6-B, 7-A

32. 1971. That year the first three draft choiceswere Tody Smith, Isaac Thomas, and SamScarber. That year the Cowboys also tradedan eighth-round draft choice by the name of Ron Jessie.

33. Bill Gogolewski – he once pitched for the Rangers

34. A. Don Meredith in 1966 when the Cowboysled their division for the first time in history.B. Duane Thomas at the Super Bowl. C. PeteGent to a rookie carrying a Cowboy play book.

35. Frank Clarke and Lance Rentzel

36. Merv Rettenmund

37. Rayfield Wright, Larry Cole, Charlie Waters,Cliff Harris, and D. D. Lewis. (RogerStaubach and Jethro Pugh were on the rosterfor all five but did not play in all.)

38. Wall Garrison

39. Scott Laidlaw

40. Larry Stephens and Jim Colvin

41. Mike Clark, Monte Clark, Phil Clark, andFrank Clarke: J.D. Smith, Jackie Smith, JimRay Smith, and Tody Smith

42. Don Perkins

43. Cornell Green, Pete Gent, Ron Howard, PercyHoward, and Preston Pearson

44. Dick Nolan, Monte Clark, Forrest Gregg, andJack Patera

45. Fred Cone

46. 1-D, 2-E, 3-C. 4-A, 5-C. 6-F, 7-B

47. Gary Cartwright of the Dallas Morning Newsin 1964

48. Harold Hays, linebacker, in 1966

49. Lou Hudson

50. Ernie Stautner with three (unfortunately, heshares the record with eight other players