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Thumb Awards

By D Magazine |

Thumbs Down: To State Senator Oscar Mauzy for gross confusion between personal and public affairs. At Mauzy’s strong urging, the senate rejected the appointment of Steven Condos as Dallas Family Court Judge. Condos is three-time director of the Dallas Bar Association . and has an excellent reputation as both lawyer and judge; he was also the original judge in Mauzy’s hotly contested divorce case. Condos made rulings that cost Mauzy money. Now that Mauzy has gotten his revenge, we’re sure the message is loud and clear to all Texas judges: Treat politicians with kid gloves.

Thumbs Up: To columnist Jim Henderson of the Times Herald metro page. Henderson’s blend of wit, indignation, and solid reporting has given Dallas newspaper readers news analysis worth reading.

Thumbs Down: To SMU baseball coach Steve Adair for dismissing eleven members of his team for drinking beer. Sure, rules are rules. But ridiculous rules are ridiculous. Besides enforcing such dark-age standards as no beer and no facial hair, Adair forbids his players to . wear shorts on campus.

Thumbs UP: To the TACA Auction. Sure, it cut into your weekend TV schedule, but have a heart – they have. This year TACA raised $423,000 to benefit the arts in Dallas, bringing their total contribution since 1966 to over $2 million.