Entire pit groups for $595, sofa-loveseat combinations for $369. The list goes on and on. And most likely, you think it’s all too good to be true. But think again.

We are The Inside Story. A very unique furniture store that sells high-quality designer furniture at substantially reduced prices.

Our prices are so good because our technique is so different. We don’t have a fleet of high-pressure salesmen. Or an enormous, elaborate showroom. We aren’t even located in high-traffic areas.

At The Inside Story you’ll find one thing. Designer furniture. In a single warehouse showroom that gives you a relaxed browsing atmosphere.

You’ll also find something even volume dealers don’t have enough of. Your choice. Most pieces come with a selection of over 100 fabrics. Everything from designer prints and hobnail velvets to cotton ducks, Haitian cottons and imported weaves.

So whether you’re looking for sectionals, modu-lars, loveseats and chairs, or just want to pick up a lamp, you should be looking for us.

Drive out and see us. You’ll agree our selection of designer furniture is superior. And the prices? You’ve never seen anything like them.


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