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Thumb Awards

By D Magazine |

THUMBS DOWN: To Dallas Public Works Director Judson Shook and the Dallas County Commissioners. When they pushed a bond issue without knowing real costs, the price tag on the new Criminal Justice Center went from an original estimate of $56.7 million to a final cost of at least $98 million, an increase of 73 percent. A surprise to taxpayers, but no surprise to county officials: Former commissioner David Pickett says everyone knew a year ago that more money would be needed, but kept it quiet because 1978 was an election year. Remember that next election year.

THUMBS UP: To DISD Superintendent Linus Wright for cutting off public money to the Foundation for Quality Education Inc. Not only has the foundation’s president, James Bond, been exasperatingly coy about how past investments of public money have been spent, but his foundation hasn’t shown any visible results in two years. Wright obviously believes the foundation needs to be brought under control. We couldn’t agree more.

THUMBS DOWN: To County Commis- sioner Jim Jackson. In voting to close the county venereal disease clinic, Jackson said, “To put it bluntly, if you fool around, you should expect to pay the price. The taxpayers should not have to pay the price for your indiscretion.” Agreed. Now, who’s willing to pay the price for a full-scale epidemic?