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Heavenly Hosts and Best Guests

By D Magazine |

These people give

the best dinner parties

in town.

DONALD AND MURIEL SELDIN: The head of internal medicine at the Health Science Center and his wife are both gourmet cooks and good talkers. Their parties are famous among medical and creative people.

RAYMOND AND ANN COURTIN: English elegance and conversational flair make for memorable evenings at their Swiss Avenue home.

BRYCE AND JONELLE JORDAN: With the University of Texas at Dallas as home base, their dinner parties take on an international flavor.

JOSEF AND LOUISE CALDWELL: Gourmet food and fine wines make their Highland Park gatherings distinguished evenings.

JIM BUTLER: There’s no way to anticipate what’s in store when this Irishman says “I’ll send my Rolls to pick you up.”

BAXTER BRINKMANN: This corporation head is said to give the most lavish spreads of any unattached host in Dallas.

JOHN (CORKY) AND NANCY YEAGER: They’re keeping the dinner party up to the historic standards set by her parents, Ted and Annette Strauss.

RAYMOND AND PATSY NASHER: Tennis, the arts, and politics mix at their table.

CHARLES AND BETSY ABERG: No lucky invitee ever turns down one of their charming and intimate evenings.

Invite these people to dinner and you ’ve got it made.

DICK AND POLLY HITT: Dick’s a witty, intelligent columnist who covers a wide world of conversational subjects; Polly covers just as wide a world of subjects, but on another side of the conversational globe.

FATHER TOM CARROLL: Get this witty, charming Irish priest to quote Irish poetry, and the evening is made.

DUNYA BEAN: A tall, beautiful blonde . with a wicked sense of humor inherited from her Hungarian mother and her West Texas background.

LEON HARRIS: Few Dallas personalities can match wits, story telling skill, and cosmopolitan experience with this author and ex-merchant.

FRED AND FLO WIEDEMANN: Flo’s a warm and beautiful clinical psychologist; Fred’s a rugged outdoor type who will be mountain climbing in Nepal one month, scuba diving in Costa Rica the next.

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