Image Building

We created the best dressed men out of whole cloth.

These men are imposters. They’re not your everyday best dressed men. As a matter of fact, they’re not even clothes -conscious. We took them out of the garden, off telephone poles, from steamy car repair shops and stuffy offices, provided them with a little female companionship and created our very own Beaux Brummels. Just regular guys who couldn’t resist the chance to be, for just one little hour, the best dressed men in Dallas. When you see them on these pages, posing in the finest fall fashions Dallas stores have to offer, keep in mind that we made them what they are.

Although Howard Garrett of Naud Burnett-Howard Garrett Landscape Architects usually favors camel sports coats and bow ties, he felt like a new man in this ensemble from Sanford Sacks & Co. Three-piece pin striped suit, $295. Sea Island cotton shirt, $30. Silk crepe de Chine tie, $20. Pocket silk, $7.50. The lady’s clothes got soaked in a sudden downpour, so Howard offered her his raincoat ($160) and English umbrella ($60) from the Outfitters. Such a gentleman.

John Brandt, owner of John Brandt Automotive, doesn’t always have such an attractive mechanic working on an ailing Mercedes, but she wanted to learn from the top man how to make an engine purr. Besides, John didn’t want to muss his clothes from The Outfitters. Plaid sport jacket, Polo by Ralph Lauren, $220. Lambswool sweater, $25. Cotton shirt, $25. Cinched waist slack, $60. Her clothes from Lou Lattimore.

Nate Amster peddles industrial chemicals for a living as sales representative for Tri Ton Manufacturing, His usual workday jeans carry over to weekends spent outdoors hunting or camping. So Nate felt right on target in this sporting look from Neiman-Marcus. Suede elbow-patched hunting shirt, $47.50. Plaid flannel shirt, $35. Twill slack, $95. All Polo by Ralph Lauren. Cotton turtle neck, $20. Leather belt, $18.50. The cleaning woman’s clothes from Lord & Taylor.

U.S. Navy Commander Guy Freeborn wore his summer whites to the tailor’s, but he quickly changed to autumn blues in this three-piece Nino Cerruti suit from Jas K. Wilson. Suit, $165. Qiana shirt by Gant, $22.50. Silk tie, $12.50.

Franco Rando, a Milanese custom tailor transported to Dallas, agreed to forego donning a suit of his own design for this country gentleman’s look from Neiman-Marcus. Shetland wool sport coat, $150. Ultrasuede vest by Halston, $60. Sandhurst shirt, $20. Silk tie, $15. Pocket silk, $6.50. The tailor’s apprentice wears clothes from Marie Leavell.

Bob Bolton wears casual clothes to work as a special equipment installer for Southwestern Bell. So it was natural to put him in comfortable surroundings with a look of casual chic from Brooks Bros. Chamois shirt, $170. Cotton lisle turtle neck, $19.50. All wool plaid slack, $50. Leather belt, $15.50. The lady, not to be mistaken for the Wichita Lineman, wears a jumpsuit from Richard Brook Fabrics.

Tim Pugliese, president of Coconut Grove Corporation and partner in Avrea, Blanchard and Pugliese Advertising, says he usually dresses more conservatively than this when he shoots commercial and industrial films for clients such as Sears and Dr Pepper. But he liked this outfit from Toppers enough to change his image. Off-white 100 percent wool cardigan by Damon, $75. Salmon plaid shirt by Geno, $36. Salmon gabardine pant, $45. The assistant to the producer checks the latest outtakes in clothes from Loretta Blum.


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