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Radio Rumors: KRLD


KRLD is the hotbed of radio rumors of late, and well it should be after taking a ratings plunge last spring. Though it remained the Dallas-Fort Worth market’s leading station during its morning news block hours, KRLD slipped almost enough for the market’s overall leader, WBAP, to jump ahead. The real disaster was in the afternoon. The station’s drive-home news program lost 40 per cent of its audience, which led to a quick end to Murphy Martin’s brief career at KRLD.

The rumor mill has been churning out the story that KRLD wanted to go country, but needed a couple of big country radio stars to get the format started. What better place to go than your proposed competition? Apparently KRLD tried to hire WBAP’s morning man, Don Harris, and all-night host Bill Mack. Both said no, putting an end, at least for the moment, to KRLD’s plans to go country.