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Introducing The Best Designers in Dallas 2021

We teamed up with local showrooms to select the best interior designers in the business. Plus: our tips for setting a budget, honing your style, and more.
By D Home |
Nathan Schroder

Once you’ve perused industry publications and designers’ websites to find a few whose style jibes with your own, schedule meetings with your top contenders. Then come prepared with a list of questions to ask them, and be ready to discuss the following:

  1. Your budget Have a figure in mind—but expect an education. “Many clients don’t know how much it costs to design and furnish their home,” says Carolina Gentry of Pulp Design Studios. “They should rely on a designer they trust to help them refine their budgets.” And be sure to leave wiggle room for any unforeseen expenses. “Construction and labor costs are soaring,” says Adcock-Smith Designs’ Kathy Adcock-Smith. “Always have a contingency amount in your budget.”
  2. Your style When it comes to demonstrating to your designer what you like—and don’t—a picture is worth a thousand words. “Having visual reference points gives much greater meaning to the words used to describe design elements,” says Paul Draper Design’s Paul Draper. Don’t know exactly what your “style” is? “The designer often times can help spot repetitive design ideas through the images and guide the client to their own personal design aesthetic,” says Layered Dimensions Interior Designs’ Christina Garcia. 
  3. Your expectations and priorities Be clear about what you’re looking to accomplish, as well as top priorities for the short and long term. “Write down a list of what you wish to achieve, and go over that list with your partner,” says Richard Gordon of Richard Gordon Design. “So many times in an initial meeting, it is clear that the two decision-makers are on different pages.”
  4. Your lifestyle A home design is only successful if it functions for how you live. Lynn Sears of Lynn Sears Interiors, Inc. gives examples of what to share with your designer: “Size/ages of family members, number of relatives or friends who visit every year, home offices, entertainment style, any collections, etc.”

The Full List of Best Designers in Dallas 2021

These lists are the result of peer-based surveys. A panel of industry professionals vetted the lists. The resulting lists reflect the companies and individuals who received the most votes from their peers. It does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the editor or the publishers of D Home.

A Well Dressed Home

Adcock-Smith Design

AGI-Amy Gibbs Interiors

Alice Cottrell Interior Design

Allen Kirsch & Associates, Inc.

Allison Seidler Interiors

Amy Berry Design

Amy’s Interiors

Angeline Guido Design, LLC

Anne Williams Design

Arveaux Interiors

Ashley Dalton Interiors

Avrea and Company

Baker Design Group

Barbara J. Vessels Interiors

Betty Lou Phillips Interiors

Bobbitt & Company Interior Design


Breck Woolsey Interiors

Brette Jacques Interiors, Inc.

Cadwallader Design

Cameron Drinkwater Interiors

Carrie Barron Interiors

Carrie Hatfield Interior Design

Cathy Kincaid Interiors

Chad Dorsey Design

Chambers Interiors & Associates

Charlotte Comer Interiors & Collectibles, Inc.

Chelsea Hargrave Interiors

Cheri Etchelecu Interior Design

Cheryl Van Duyne Interior Design

Childress Interiors Inc.

Collins & Sweezey

Collins Interiors

Corley Design Associates

Dallas Design Group Interiors

Dana Bass Designs

Deborah Walker + Associates

Debra Owens Interiors, Inc.

Debra Stewart Interior Design

Deleo & Fletcher Design

Denise McGaha Interiors

Dona Rosene Interiors

Doniphan Moore Interiors

Dunbar Road Design

EJ Interiors

EJM Interiors

Emily Summers Design Associates

Erin Sander Design

Fagan White Design

Furstenwerth + Bagley Design

Harbinger Designs

Heidi Arwine Interiors

Hillary Littlejohn Studio Design

Holly Hickey Moore Interior Design

House of Amelia

IBB Design Fine Furnishings

Ike Isenhour Inc.

J Wiley Designs LLC

James McInroe Inc.

Jan Jones LLC

Jan Showers & Associates

Janet Gridley

Jean Liu Design

Jenkins Interiors

Joanie Wyll & Associates Inc.

John Phifer Marrs Interiors

Joseph Minton Inc.

Joshua Rice Design

Josie McCarthy Associates

Kara Adam Interiors

Kay Genua Designs

Kim McCue-Cypress Designs

Kirsten Kelli

Kristen Fegale Interiors

Kristin Mullen Designs

Laura Lee Clark Interior Design, Inc.

Layered Dimensions Interior Design

Lee Lormand Design

Linda Fritschy Interior Design

Lindley Arthur Interiors

Lisa Henderson Interiors

Lynn Sears Interiors

M. Barnes & Co. Interior Design

Maddie Hughes Designs

Maestri Studio

Marilyn Rolnick Design Associates

Mary Anne Smiley Interiors

Mary Beth Wagner Interiors

Mary Cates and Co.

Mauldin Designs

Meredith Ellis Design

Meredith Steinhart Interior Design

Michelle Nussbaumer Design

ML Interiors Group

Moore Design Group, Interior/Architecture

Morgan Farrow Interiors

Morrisey Home

Neal Stewart Designs

Pam Kelley Designs

Pamela Fitch Design

Paul Draper Design

Paul Duesing Partners

Peters Cates Design, Inc.

Pickering House Interiors

Pulp Design Studios

R. Brant Design

Richard Gordon Design

Richard Trimble & Associates, Inc.

Rick Rozas Design

RN Interior Design, LLC

Robert Trown & Associates

Robyn Menter Design Associates, Inc.

Roz Murphy Design

S.B. Long Interiors

Salem and Associates

Samantha Fisher Interiors

Sees Design

Seitz Design LTD

Set Studio

Shannon Bowers Designs

Shelby Owens Interiors

Shelby Wagner Design

Sherry Hayslip Interiors

Smith & Ragsdale Interior Design

Studio Ten 25

Studio Thomas James

Studio White Interiors


Ten Plus Three

The Collective

Tiffany McKinzie Interior Design

Tori Rubinson Interiors

Traci Connell Interiors

Traci White Designs

Tracy Hardenburg Designs

Trish Sheats Interior Design

Wendy Konradi Interior Design

William-Christopher Design

Williams Design Inc.

Yates Desygn


D Home

D Home

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