How to Attract Beautiful Birds All Year Round

To every bird there is a season.

It’s easy to get feathered friends to grace your yard with song and color all through the year. Here, we’ll help you map out an aesthetically pleasing game plan.

A Local Bird Breakdown


Cardinals, blue jays, and chickadees will fight for space on feeders filled with a mix of sunflower seeds, peanuts, and tree nuts.



Mix one part sugar with four parts water (no food coloring) and watch for ruby-throated hummingbirds.


Woodpeckerswrensruby-crowned kinglets, and orange-crowned warblers flock to suet, peanuts, and seed cylinders.


Bushes or trees with berries attract cedar waxwings and American robins. Toss out millet to bring in dark-eyed juncos and other colorful sparrows.

Birdhouses That Are Actually Pretty

These 1960s-inspired dwellings are sure to attract only the most discerning avians.

“Fairhaven” and “Mixed Media” birdhouses

Buy them at: Maestri Gallery, $400 and $330

Heartwood “Birdiwampus” Birdhouse

Where to buy: Wild Birds Unlimited, $175

A DIY Designer Birdbath

A pedestal birdbath isn’t the best option for drawing birds to your yard. Birds prefer shallow water sources no more than a foot off the ground. They also prefer moving water, which sparkles in sunlight. Pair any pot or planter with a recirculating water pump to make a friendly fountain for feathered friends.


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