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Dallas Real Estate Agents on How to Sell Your Home Fast

If you're looking to sell, this is your month.

According to Zillow, May is the best month to sell your home in Dallas. We asked top local real estate agents how you should invest $25,000 to get the most bang for your buck when your house goes on the market. 

“Paint. Paint. And more paint. The largest pool of buyers in Dallas are drawn to bright, neutral spaces.”
–Richard Graziano, Allie Beth Allman & Associates

“Kitchens are a good place to spend money. Spend on countertops and appliances. Updates to the master bath are also recommended.” –Becky Frey, Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International

“Start with the front porch and the door! Miss Ebby always told us that while we are busy extracting the keys from the key box to open the door, the only thing the buyers have to look at is the door. If it’s dirty, cracked, dented, and in need of paint, the buyer has already started forming an opinion on the value of the home before we even open the door. If you are going to paint the door, there is only one color to go with—a really high-gloss, high-quality black paint.  Next, the entry. Again, the entry should introduce the buyer to the ‘feeling’ of what this home is about. Hopefully, it’s uncluttered, clean, light, and open to the area beyond. I’d recommend handscraped hardwoods, maybe a nice rug, and a simple but high-quality piece of furniture. The most important places to spend your money for upgrades are the kitchen and bathrooms. Next, good relatively neutral paint everywhere it’s needed inside and out and new carpet, if needed, on any carpeted floors.” –Ann Stewart, Ebby Halliday

“My recommendations in order of importance: Paint. Be sure the paint surfaces are good. If there are any strong colors that might not have universal appeal, tone them down with a good off-white. Next, deep clean and declutter. Go ahead and have an estate sale if needed to get rid of anything superfluous. Next, it’s time to stage. If the rooms are not furnished well or appropriately, hire a proven and professional home stager to spiff up the decor and make it look ‘now.’ Buyers typically don’t want to have to imagine how something might be optimized, but they sure know what they like when they see it. And finally, plant seasonal color to make the home look ‘loved up.’” –David Griffin, David Griffin & Company Realtors



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