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Builders Share 2017’s Top Trends

Say hello to color and goodbye to gray.
By D Home Staff |
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Builders Share 2017’s Top Trends

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      • More Astroturf in back areas are a low-maintenance alternative.

      • LED lighting is a smart choice for energy efficiency and longevity.

      • Glass-front appliances (or black stainless steel) add a new and different twist on traditional stainless steel.

      • Use navy or blue as a neutral in the interior color scheme.

      • Natural pools blend into the landscape. Plus, they’re pretty.

      • Brightly colored appliances add whimsy to the kitchen.

      • Trim work is leaning more contemporary with straight, simple lines.

      • Use your square footage. Reduced, smaller houses are a welcome trend.

      • Gold door hardware and painted front doors welcome guests in style.

      • Cars down under: Subterranean garages are hot.

      • Elevated dog washes are a comfort—especially one that you don’t have to bend over to use.

      • Bigger is better when it comes to sinks. Choose industrial, large-scale food prep sinks for the home chef.

      • Get smart: It enhances the home experience.

      • Play with exotic tiles.

      • Phantom screens for entertaining keep the outdoors out.


      • Carpet has seen better days. Instead, spend your budget on beautiful rugs.

      • Move over gray—color is back.

      • Opt for fewer muntin bars on glass and try wood windows or less traditional mulls or muntins.

      • Subway tile for kitchen backsplashes are still stylish, but don’t be afraid to play with grout contrasts.

      • Hold the brush: Keep the paint away from the bricks.

      • Oversized master bathtubs are more for show than practical use.

      • Stark white everything—from exterior to interior —is making way for richer hues, even in the kitchen.

      • Chevron and geometric tiles date a home. Mix it up with artful patterns.

      • The shower is starting to overload with body sprays. Try just one or two.

      • Matte is back. Ebony-stained hardwood floors have had their day, but matte black floors are a fresh selection.

      • Barn doors were a bold alternative to a pocket door, but now consider “invisible” paneled doors that disappear into the wall. Voilà!

      • Yes, you should spend your money on bold lighting, but too many pendants overwhelm a space. Try simple lighting and subtle sconces in lieu of pendants.

We asked our builders for five trends they want to disappear. (We struck a cord!)

1. Builders painting brick 2. Brick that builders are painting 3. Paint being used on brick 4. Brick covered with paint 5. Masonry material commonly called brick hidden with a material called paint!” – Paul Pastore, Waterside Properties

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