A Guide to Clean Living

We tested the best products and potions to set your tidying-up plans in motion.

Allow us to introduce ourselves: we are grime fighters. We don white jackets, grab clipboards, and convene in our basement laboratory to spray aerosols, pour liquids, analyze powders, inspect tools, and evaluate stains so you don’t have to. We may not have the outfits of a Wonder Woman or Superman, but our goal is just as noble: We’re going to help you clean things up and make your world a little safer. You’re welcome.

1. Redecker fly swatter, $9.95/Crate and Barrel  2. Redecker scrubbing brush with handle, $20/Restoration Hardware  3. Vegetable brush, $8/West Elm  4. Redecker goat-hair hand brush, $29.95/Crate and Barrel  5. Universal Expert storage caddy, $45/West Elm  6. Microfiber gloves, $7.99/Elliott’s Hardware  7. Kitchen broom with twisted wood handle, $65/homesteadheritage.com  8. Lambswool duster, $12/West Elm  9. Linen knit dish cloth, $12/thelaundress.com  10. Dustpan and brush set, $24/West Elm  11. Pot brush, $6/West Elm  12. & 13. Ceramic toilet-brush holder and toilet brush, $24 for both/West Elm  14. Wool Shop dust mop, $19.99/Elliott’s Hardware  15. Caldrea bucket, $20/caldrea.com  16. Redecker goat-hair round brush, $34.95/Crate and Barrel  17. Feather duster, $20/West Elm

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