How Do You Stay Cool in the Dallas Heat?

In celebration of D Home’s 10th anniversary, we asked 10 local stylemakers.

“1. Air conditioning. Or a quick trip to San Miguel de Allende, where it’s always in the 70s. 2. Every year I go shopping for antiques in the south of France with my family, but this year we are mixing it up with a trip to Zanzibar. 3. Lounging by the pool on my Lola chaise, sipping margaritas.
Here’s my recipe for the ultimate:
1 part fresh-squeezed lime juice
1 part Herradura
Reposado tequila
1 part Cointreau
Garnish with mint leaf
* For fewer calories, leave out the Cointreau and replace with Splenda.”­ Michelle Nussbaumer

“Ideally, the best place is Tulum. I found these great hotels—very small—The Mezzanine and La Zebra. They have cheap, cool rooms and cabanas, and they’re not touristy. The fanny packs and plastic beer by the yard drinkers stay in Cancun. The beaches are amazing, you can walk a block to ruins, and you can find solitude if necessary. Tell everyone not to go. I don’t want to ruin it for me!
As far as Dallas, my theory is Zen. Embrace the heat. Be one with the heat. You are going to sweat, so go to the Arboretum on Thursday and check out bands. Or do what we do—load the ’67 Caddie convertible with the kids, dogs, and boyfriend and head down to Lee Harvey’s on Sunday for Dog Day Afternoons. Cold beer, great burgers, punk rock music, and dogs kicking up the dust. It’s hot, but after a few beers, it just doesn’t matter.” ­Lisa Oldham

“I run off to a room at a hotel I know in Laguna. I sip on gin and tonics (heavy on the lime) or a blood orange martini. I am doing lemonades right now—lots of fruit. I make a mean fruit salad. And there’s nothing like an old-fashioned Popsicle to cool things down.” -Donald Fowler

“Keeping cool in Dallas in the summertime takes some effort. That’s why you’ll find my wife and I flying off to New Mexico for long weekends in pursuit of mountain air, hiking, fly-fishing, blue corn enchiladas, and the Santa Fe art scene. Back in Dallas, I’ve been told our showroom is one of the coolest—in more ways than one.” -Kelly Hardage

“Move as little as possible—meaning you must have something great to read. Make drinks with ice cubes and crank down the air conditioning. We also go scuba diving on some tropical isle or go out to Long Island to see friends or both. This year I think Amagansett is the plan.” -Holly Johnson

“Because I run my own business, I generally have to stay close to town. I take day trips. Hico is always a great place to go. Between the refurbished vintage boots at Western Otter and pie at the Koffee Kup cafe, followed by canoeing and swimming down the Brazos, it’s a great way to spend a hot Texas Saturday.
Here in town, I have returned to rowing. Since the move to Little Forest Hills, I go to White Rock Lake. It’s a great way to spend a Saturday morning. It makes you forget the heat for just a little while.” -Bentley Tibbs

“We go to Carmel in June, July, and August. And I drink cucumber water.” ­-Beau Black

“On Memorial Day weekend I switch for the summer from Scotch (neat) to a Tanqueray and tonic (Schweppes), mixed in a tall glass with plenty of ice and lime. Nothing is more refreshing in the summer heat.
Last summer I spent a week on Long Beach Island, New Jersey. There was a wide-open beach, miniature golf, and ice cream at night, and it was a lot cooler than the Gulf beach.” -Bruce Bernbaum

“Jeans, khakis, and t-shirts! Luckily, we are doing work in Aspen and New York this summer. My partner Alan cooks out by our pool, so afternoon swims help. And so does a great movie in the middle of the day on weekends. It is all over before you know it!” -Neal Stewart

“Unlike five years ago, we do not have a slow period or down time at the gallery, therefore we are here. To survive the heat, I stay in the gallery or the pool and drink plenty of Champagne! We do our best to get away weekends as often as possible to either New York or Northern California.” -Kenneth Craighead


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