Donald Fowler Shares His Design Book Picks

The Stanley Korshak’s Home Accessories Buyer gives us his design book picks.


(left) Hiroshige (February 2008, Taschen Books, $150). I just love the art—amazing block prints of Edo, which is modern-day Tokyo—all bound in handmade Japanese silk. Hiroshige was the last of the great artists of the 17th- and 18th-century woodblock print, which to the Western world is synonymous with the visual image of Japan. This is a complete reprint of his masterpiece 100 Famous Views of Edo.
photography by Elizabeth Lavin
( right) Ashes and Snow (February 2008, teNeues Publishing Group, $7,500). I have such a strong personal reaction to Gregory Colbert’s work. Everyone that takes a moment with this book is quieted by the images. It is a work of art, completely handmade from deep-stained parchment cover and wrapped in waxed string. Yes, it is $7,500, but it is a limited edition of 1,500, and his single images are selling for $40,000. He is a major player in the art scene now.
photography by Elizabeth Lavin

Diego Rivera (March 2008, Taschen Books, $200). It’s a large-scale look at his work, and it triggers strong responses in people.
photography by Elizabeth Lavin


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