Brooke Berman Opens Art Gallery Next to Hotel Palomar

Berman’s gallery showcases established local artists and helps up-and-coming artists.

photography by Dan Sellers

Brooke Berman (pictured) still remembers the first piece of art that launched her passion for collecting. It wasn’t in an art gallery but on the wall at Jasper’s restaurant. Called Affluent Liquid, “(it was) dark brown, vibrant chartreuse, a little red… very Mindy,” she says of the work by artist Mindy Collins, who has since become the director of Berman’s hot new gallery around the corner from Hotel Palomar. Berman and her husband had a house full of paintings by local artists such as Tamara White, Michael Ledoux, and Rick Griggs before they opened the gallery. Says Berman: “We had their pieces in our home collection, but there wasn’t a gallery (in Dallas) that showcased their amazing work. I didn’t think they were getting enough exposure.” Berman had a dual purpose: to showcase established local artists and help up-and-coming artists. “We have a lot of young artists with brilliant stuff.” On June 2, the gallery hosts its first emerging artists show. RSVP: 214-443-1221. Brooke Berman Gallery. 5300 E. Mockingbird Ln., Ste. 190. 214-827-7211.


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