Silver Chocolate Pot, Circa 1859

Tales of great garage and estate sale bargains.

My Great Garage Sale Find

Photography by Manny Rodriguez

Who: Antiques dealers Sharon and Jerry Dickinson

What: Martin, Hall and Co. silver chocolate pot from Sheffield, England, circa 1859

For a mere: $400

Appraised at: $1,200

Back story: Good things come to those who wait, but in this case, waiting almost lost the Dickinsons an item that was centuries old and worth three times its selling price. The two were at an estate sale when Jerry spotted this unmarked silver pot, but they were hesitant to buy it. It was beautiful, but they didn’t know much beyond that. After waiting a day, Jerry couldn’t get it out of his mind and the couple returned to buy it. It wasn’t until months later at a silver seminar that the Dickinsons learned of its value.


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