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My Toughest Challenge: Jennifer Saenz

The senior vice president and chief marketing officer of Frito-Lay on the Cheetos Museum.
David Vogin

My toughest challenge: Dealing with disruption in the consumer packaged goods marketplace

“I think about disruption as change, and the world is changing incredibly quickly. If you think about the industry in which we operate, there is a tremendous amount of disruption. You can think about disruption in how consumers’ patterns are shifting very dramatically in the way they interact with media. Consumers don’t watch TV the same way they did 10 years ago; now they watch streaming video on their mobile devices. They engage with social media in a very different way, at a very different pace than they did a decade ago. There are really big implications for brands and how they think about showing up in the world. We try to come up with communication strategies that will capture the consumer’s imagination. The Cheetos Museum was a great example of how we thought very differently about how people engage with brands, how they are looking to be entertained, and how our unique personality can come through.”

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