Founder and CEO, Vonlane

My Day: Alex Danza

Alex Danza founded the luxury bus service Vonlane in 2013 after noticing the lack of high-end options in the motor coach industry. One year later, the company began operations with an Austin-to-Dallas route, and has since expanded its network to include San Antonio, Fort Worth, and Houston. With another route in the planning stages and four more opulent, 22-seat coaches set to be delivered later this year, Vonlane shows no signs of slowing down. Danza demonstrates a hands-on approach to leading his company, from maximizing the well-being of his employees to improving the technological offerings of his buses. 

5:00 am

Wakes up, and enjoys a cup of Nespresso while reading the day-by-day devotional, “Experiencing God.”

7:30 am

Drops his daughters off at school, then stops by Starbucks for tea and breakfast.

8:00 am

Reads the surveys submitted by Vonlane passengers from the previous day’s trips. Danza makes note of any situation that scores lower than a 9 out of 10.

9:05 am

Climbs in his BMW X5 for a short drive to Vonlane’s Dallas stop at the Love Field DoubleTree Hilton to meet the crew onboard bus 206. The driver is receiving his “PILOT” pin to mark one year and 100,000 miles with Vonlane. The new recognition initiative represents “Praise, Involvement, Laud, Operations, and Trust.”

9:20 am

After pinning the driver of bus 206, Danza helps prepare the bus for its 10 a.m. departure by sanitizing seats, buckling seatbelts, and inspecting the galley and satellite equipment.

10:00 am

Returns to the office to work with his chief of staff, Carter Tamlyn, to fill three vacancies that opened up in the driver schedule. Danza says that three drivers getting sidelined on the same day is the worst occurrence yet, but he strives to maintain the scheduled bus services.

10:30 am

Meeting with Jeff Daniel from Clear Channel Communications about developing a billboard campaign. This is the first of three meetings about updating Vonlane’s marketing and spreading awareness for a new Fort Worth-to-Austin route that started in October.

11:30 am

Phone call with a media production team producing a new passenger safety video.

12:00 pm

Makes a short jaunt over to his typical lunch spot, Whole Foods, and today chooses tomato basil soup and a maki roll. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, he hits up a quick physical training program during his lunch break, he says, noting his love for the Peloton program.

12:30 pm

Phone call with investors debating potential new routes in the pipeline. There are four options currently under consideration: Fort Worth to Houston, Dallas to Oklahoma City, Frisco to Dallas, and North Houston to Dallas. Danza believes the North Houston route has the most potential.

1:30 pm

Pauses his review of the 58-page Clear Channel billboard document to meet with a representative from Sportsradio 1310 The Ticket to go over Vonlane’s advertising sponsorship for the year.

3:00 pm

Meets with in-house graphic designer Victoria Strayham for an overview of the new Vonlane website redesign.

3:45 pm

Phone call with the retrofitting company contracted to furnish Vonlane’s buses. With four new buses scheduled to arrive in the second half of 2018, Danza is attuned to passenger evaluations. Topics discussed include adding a new video system and a redesigned bathroom.

5:00 pm

Checks in on the continual internal staff screenings that prepare staff for a random Department of Transportation audit.

6:00 pm

Heads home for a quick workout before dinner. Helps his two older daughters with their homework, and finally goes to bed around 11 p.m.

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