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My Style: Shama Hyder

The founder and CEO of Zen Media on fashion icons and her classic but eclectic style.
By D CEO |
Danny Campbell

What I do … “I wear quite a few hats! Entrepreneur, author, speaker, media correspondent, investor, mentor—also known as the modern CEO. My greater purpose in all of this is to help people successfully navigate the digital age.”

Who is your style icon? “I am partial to the royals for choosing timeless and elegant pieces. Queen Rania of Jordan and Duchess Kate Middleton [are a couple].”

How does your work influence what you wear? “My work demands versatility. I may start my day in the boardroom with a client, and by the afternoon I may need to be on camera, and that’s right before I jet off to give a keynote in another country. This means much of my wear has to be travel friendly. “

What inspires your style choices? “I work at the intersection of some very distinct fields: marketing, technology, media. What I wear reflects that diversity. I think the style bar for anyone in a creative field is higher, and luckily I greatly enjoy that. I derive my greatest inspiration from history. The necklines of the ’60s, a certain grace of the ’50s, and even the glamour of the ’20s.”

How would you describe your style? “Classic with a touch of eclectic. Some of my favorite pieces include a necklace I found at the bazaar in Istanbul, a Celine tote from Paris, and chandelier style earrings from India.”

What do you never leave home without? “My AirPods! Perfect for client conference calls and listening to playlists.”

Do you have a go-to look? “Blazers and boots”

Favorite Store? “In Dallas, Abi Ferrinin Uptown.” 

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