Real Estate

Director, Folsom Institute for Real Estate at SMU’s Cox School of Business, Senior Advisor, HR&A

Joseph Cahoon

6:00 am

Wakes up, reads a devotional, and prepares for the day.

7:30 am

Meets a former student for breakfast at Flying Fish in Preston Center. The two talk about the student’s budding career and swap book and podcast recommendations. Cahoon orders scrambled egg whites, bacon, wheat toast, and lots of coffee.

9:00 am

Arrives at his office on campus to prepare for his morning lecture. He reviews slide notes and checks calculations on the practice problems his students will be asked to solve during class.

9:30 am

Greets his undergraduate Fundamentals of Real Estate class of about 45 students with a pop quiz, and then lectures about mortgages, amortized loans, and foreclosures.

11:00 am

Stays a few minutes after class to answer questions, heads back to his office with a student to look over a recent test, answers a few emails, and exchanges a few texts with his ex-wife about their daughter, who is home sick from school.

12:00 pm

Heads to Lark on the Park to meet his friend John Ahmed, managing director at HFF, for lunch. After some catching up, Cahoon asks Ahmed to clarify a concept he touched on in his morning lecture. The two scribble a few diagrams and equations on the white butcher paper lining the tables. Later, when Ahmed talks about what he looks for in potential new hires, Cahoon listens diligently, thinking of his students who are looking for jobs.

1:20 pm

Drives his black BMW downtown to the office of HR&A real estate consultants, where Cahoon is a senior advisor. A few hours a week, he works at HR&A for clients looking to solve real estate, economic development, and urban issues. Answers emails and meets with HR&A vice chairman Candace Damon.

2:45 pm

Back at his SMU office, Cahoon stands in the office of his assistant director, Tosha Riddle-May, discussing upcoming events. Riddle-May takes notes as the pair use a giant whiteboard calendar to reference the many forthcoming alumni happy hours, student workshops, and educational events.

4:00 pm

A student comes in to seek advice for an upcoming job interview. Cahoon coaches the student, and the two talk for 40 minutes about the student’s career goals.

6:00 pm

Heads to his home near SMU to change clothes before going for a run. Cahoon typically runs 4 to 6 miles, weaving through the streets of Highland Park.

7:30 pm

Grabs a quick takeout dinner from Flower Child before settling in for a long night of grading. He gave his masters class an exam last night and wants to grade most of their 50 tests tonight so he can spend time with his kids tomorrow evening.

1:00 am

Calls it a day.

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