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D CEO April 2009

Cover Story

Taking The Measure Of DCVB Chief Phillip Jones

More hotel rooms, more exhibition space. That’s what DCVB boss Phillip Jones says Dallas needs to be competitive in the conventions business. But some are questioning whether Jones has the right answers—or if he’s even the right man for the job.
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Glenn Hunter Discusses Making the Cut for D CEO’s Best Commercial Brokers List

Competitors may take their shots. But an unbiased ranking by an independent third party is nothing to sniff at.

How Pru’s Ric Abel Learned Business In A Ballet Studio

Prudential’s Ric Abel learned focus and discipline in a ballet studio. You got a problem with that?
By Mary Jacobs

The Curious Case of Anthony Davis

Software entrepreneur Anthony Davis learned the principles of free enterprise in a Seattle gang.
By Laurie Dent

The Growing Importance of CEO Communications

CEOs need to realize that the risk profile of the business environment has dramatically changed.
By Merrie Spaeth

When CEOs Divorce

When it’s time to dissolve your marital merger, the dean of Dallas family lawyers says, discretion and delegating are key.
By John G. Browning