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Glenn Hunter Discusses Making the Cut for D CEO’s Best Commercial Brokers List

Competitors may take their shots. But an unbiased ranking by an independent third party is nothing to sniff at.

Competition, let’s face it, is a key part of capitalism’s genius.

Motel 6 takes on Super 8. Perot Systems grapples with EDS, an HP company. Centex goes head-to-head with D.R. Horton.
When they do, productivity increases, quality improves, prices are lowered. And the customer is the big winner.

It’s no different in the media business, where the intramural rivalries can get surprisingly personal.

Consider the honcho at a rival publication, the one who strode to the podium at a North Dallas business meeting and promptly took a shot at us, bad-mouthing the sort of list you’ll find in this issue on page 40.

“You can’t buy your way onto our lists,” the publisher sniffed, implying that, with our rankings, you can.
But, I’ve got a news flash for our friendly rival: You’re flat-out wrong.

Now, we don’t go hog-wild for lists in general at D CEO. Too many, we think, and the reader can become overwhelmed.
But when it comes to all the choices and claims that compete for your time and loyalty, we believe it’s part of our mission from time to time to fairly assess those various claims, to rank, to clarify.

That’s why, last year, we brought you features about some of the best corporate directors in North Texas, for example, as well as the top small to mid-size advertising agencies.

Those articles were researched by experts who knew what they were talking about and, in the case of the directors, with the assistance of readers who participated in an online poll.

The list in this issue, of the Best Commercial Real Estate Brokers in Dallas, is another kettle of fish entirely.

This list was compiled by an out-of-state, independent market-research firm, for starters. While we explain the methodology the firm used in detail on page 40, it’s important to note that this was an objective, unbiased measure of customer satisfaction.

In other words, it didn’t matter whether a broker had a hand in a bunch of high-dollar deals last year. Or might have participated in a transaction voted “The Best of the Year” by a panel of judges from the commercial real estate industry.

Those things wouldn’t get you onto our Best Commercial Brokers list. The only way to make this list was to score high in nine different criteria, delivering complete satisfaction to the client.

In that, this list of elite brokers is unique to the North Texas market—a first. And you couldn’t have influenced your way onto our list if you’d tried.

For anyone buying, selling, or leasing commercial real estate—around here, that’s a whole lot of people—this list will prove to be an invaluable tool.

And, if you’re a broker who didn’t make the cut this time around, chin up. There’s always next year.