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Roger Moore

Photographer Roger Moore quit the investments world for the shutterbug life.
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photography by Dan Sellers


Roger Moore
When Roger Moore told his Merrill Lynch colleagues he was leaving to pursue photography, they scoffed, “‘Are you crazy? You can’t make the kind of money you’re making now!’” he remembers. “And I said, ‘You’re right. And it really doesn’t matter.’”

The Wharton-educated military man had previously worked in finance, technology, and commercial real estate and taught at his alma maters, the renowned Pennsylvania business school and Texas Tech University. But he was inspired to turn his favorite pastime into a fulltime career after the passing of his mother—an artist who had given him his first Argus C4 camera at age 9.

Now a professional shutterbug based in Dallas, Moore’s photography has taken him to destinations such as Kenya and the Congo, where the natives know him as Mzungu—Swahili for “white man.” Moore’s frequent travels caught the attention of the prestigious Explorer’s Club, of which he is now a member, and friends, who wanted to join him on his adventures. At their prodding, he began leading group photo expeditions across the globe.

It’s been more than a decade since Moore, 65, said goodbye to his Merrill Lynch co-workers and the crisp, starched corporate world. Now, he says, “I’m making a life, not making a living.”

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