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David Torok

Padgett Printing CEO David Torok talks about egos, eating out, and assembly lines.

By D Magazine |
photography by Dan Sellers

Thirty-year printing industry veteran David Torok has spent the last 18 years as president and CEO of Padgett Printing. The company has flourished in Dallas for more than a century, thanks to leadership dedicated to applying the latest printing technologies and using innovative ideas to give customers quality and speedy service. Under Torok’s tutelage, Padgett is experiencing the highest sales in its 104-year history, set to exceed $30 million this year. Torok is also dedicated to his charitable efforts. In addition to an annual Christmas in July program he supports for Texas Scottish Rite Hospital, Torok also serves as vice president on the board of Captain Hope’s Kids, a Dallas organization that meets the critical needs of homeless children.

Age: 60
Title/Company: President and CEO/ Padgett Printing Corporation
Tenure: 18 years
What was your first job? Working as a caddy at a country club (actually caddied for the winner of a PGA tournament).
What was your worst job? Working second shift on the assembly line at Dodge Truck in Detroit (summers while in college).
If you couldn’t say “the people I work with,” what would you say is the best part of your job?  Taking creative concepts/ideas and producing a printed piece that just sizzles.
What’s the worst part? Too much time in the office and not enough time with customers or being on the production floor.
On weekends, where would people find you? Eating out, working around the house, and spending time with my wife, Shirley.
What book is currently on your nightstand? Act of Treason, by Vince Flynn.
What’s your favorite TV show? Watching the Mavericks—no egos, great coaching, and focused teamwork.
What three Web sites do you visit most frequently?, Viper Club of America, and the iTunes store.
What’s your most recent major purchase?
New golf clubs.
What’s your biggest regret? I don’t speak another language fluently.
What do you consider to be your biggest weakness? Being impatient with the speed of change.
What’s the best advice anyone ever told you?  “Everyone has problems. Don’t complain about yours; solve them.” (My father.)

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