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Open Houses to Hit This Weekend

Visit Dallas Wardrobe’s Bluffview home or a modern farmhouse by White Rock Lake.

Do you like to home ogle? Do you like driving by houses and thinking to yourself, “I’ve been in there before; the indoor pool was quite appealing.” Do you actually need to find a new home? We’ve got you covered with several eligible dwellings across Dallas.

9423 Tarleton St. | Sunday, 1-3pm

The Neighborhood: The Peninsula

The Price: $1,199,000

The Appeal: Earlier this week, we saw a house that made the case against an all-white kitchen. This modern farmhouse in the Peninsula, just a stone’s throw away from White Rock Lake, offers a similar argument with its blend of dark wood, brass, and charcoal cabinetry. There’s also a massive master bathroom here that looks like it was airlifted out of a swanky hotel.


4318 Abbott Ave. | Sunday, 2-3:30pm

The Neighborhood: Oak Lawn

The Price: $1,550,000

The Appeal: If you’ve ever cut through Highland Park to get to Knox Street, there’s a good chance you’ve passed this 90s-era Mediterranean, though its layout makes it a bit hard to take it all in. Get up close and personal with the unique home this Sunday, then plan a walk on the nearby Katy Trail—the weather should be lovely.


4320 Taos Rd. | Sunday, 3-5pm

The Neighborhood: Bluffview

The Price: $2,125,000

The Appeal: Serial mover and masterful decorator Amy Havins (aka @DallasWardrobe) just put her Bluffview home on the market (less than two years after putting her family’s Highland Park home up sale after renovating). Read our conversation with Havins about her serene, elegant home here.


7307 Morton St. | Sunday, 2-4pm

The Neighborhood: Love Field

The Price: $1,299,000

The Appeal: Situated just a few blocks from Inwood Village, the brand new home could have been another glossy, cookie cutter, all-white modern. Thankfully, there are enough thoughtful design and architectural details (including a very fun black-and-white shower) to keep 3707 Morton from meeting that fate.


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