photo by Scott Womack, featured in our 2009 roundup of the 10 Most Beautiful Homes in Dallas

Real Estate

Hot Property: 3428 Beverly Drive

This house needs no introduction.

We don’t typically just use the address of a home for “Hot Property” headlines, but honestly, it doesn’t matter what we typed after that colon. This house needs no explanation. You know that side veranda and the eyebrow window. You’ve wondered whether or not that spiral staircase on the side of the house isn’t a staircase at all and is, in fact, a very fancy slide. (It’s not, but it’s still pretty cool.) 3428 Beverly Drive is iconic.

It’s also on the market for the first time in years for a cool $12.5 million, allowing real estate voyeurs everywhere the chance to finally see inside the noteworthy Highland Park home. What they’ll discover: a wine cellar with a 12-person dining table, luxe designer wallpaper, a theater room with antelope print carpeting and ample, plush seating, an unbelievably massive shower, and a Moroccan-inspired sunroom complete with an elaborately tiled floor and the most interesting ceiling we’ve seen in Dallas.

The real treasure at 3428 Beverly though, is its impeccably landscaped backyard, an area so sizable (a true rarity in Highland Park) that two lots surely had to be purchased in order to accommodate it. There’s a glorious pool, various patios, and shady pathways leading up to a guest house so over-the-top, it has its own wood-paneled library and grand ballroom.