Renderings courtesy of Faisal Halum, Briggs Freeman International Realty

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Hot Property: The Highest Penthouse in Dallas  

The Museum Tower masterpiece is one-of-a-kind.

We’ve been fortunate to be able to visit a Museum Tower residence in the past, but until I stumbled across a listing for 1918 N Olive Street #4201, I had (and I can’t believe I’m actually using this next string of words) never seen anything like this.

To be clear, this majestic property did not just hit the market (far from it), but it has somehow eluded me for the past three years. So for any other plebeians like myself, who may not have known that a two-story penthouse existed towering atop the Dallas Arts District, this “Hot Property” is for you.

#4201 was initially listed back in 2015, a couple of years after Museum Tower, designed by architect Scott Johnson, was completed in early 2013. The initial price tag was $24 million, making its new $13.5 million fee seem totally affordable (for someone) in comparison. And for that someone, I hope it is! This level of residential elite-ness simply cannot go unoccupied. The most incredible sunset-watching spot can’t go unused. The many walls surrounded by exhibition lighting and an excess of natural light deserve — nay, demand — to be filled with someone’s personal collection.

And then there’s this particular line of verbiage on the web page dedicated to the towering jewel: “To live in Penthouse 42 is to know that no request—regardless of the time of day or night—is ever too extravagant. Whether preparing the residence for one’s arrival, arranging for a private jet or assisting in planning a milestone celebration, the staff accomplishes most anything promptly and flawlessly.”

Someone please right the terrible wrong that is the vacancy at Penthouse 42. Build it out beautifully (these slideshow photos are, after all, just renderings), and consider inviting a plebeian like me over to watch the sunset or at least to the Museum Tower pool. I’m not picky.