6 Dallas Products for Seriously Comfortable Traveling  

This new Joanna Czech item is so clutch.

If we are to fully believe in the validity of Nancy Meyer’s movie The Holiday (why shouldn’t we?), then it’s safe to assume there are two kinds of airplane travelers: Kate Winslet wedged between two older gal pals in coach, and a silk-eye-mask-wearing, cashmere-clad Cameron Diaz in first class. Winslet’s flight setup is less than desirable of course (why wouldn’t one of these ladies offer to switch seats with her so they could chat?), whereas Diaz, apart from a weird and pesky voiceover which sadly dates this nearly impenetrable rom com, is in for the Ambien-fueled ride of her life.

And though we may not all be able to afford a first class seat large enough to fit a massive stack of books that we will absolutely not be reading due to the above-mentioned Ambien, we can certainly aspire to Diaz’s ensemble and all-around baller travel vibe. Here, we gathered a few locally-sourced items that are first class all the way.