photo by Stephen Karlish.

Opening and Closings

Local Designer Michelle Nussbaumer Furnishes Goop Pop-Up Shop

Take a peek inside the Highland Park Village store.

When Michelle Nussbaumer, owner of Ceylon et Cie, was asked to furnish the Goop pop-up shop in Highland Park Village, her answer was a no-brainer. “Of course I was a fan, especially of her cookbooks,” the Dallas-based designer says. “It was so flattering that they asked me, because I had no idea anybody in L.A. knew who I was!”

And while she was excited about the project, there were some strings attached: Mainly, she wasn’t allowed to tell anybody about it. “They contacted me in May of this year, which feels like it was so long ago,” Nussbaumer says. “I started working on the project with the Goop people then, looking at the space and figuring out what we should do with it.”

She took a lot of her style cues and inspiration from the already established Goop brand, which was founded by actress Gwyneth Paltrow in 2008. “What they really wanted was to have a space that looked like you were in Gwyneth’s home, inside her world,” the designer says. “She loves the clean, industrial vibe. And while in Texas we are a little more opulent than that, I wanted to create a marriage between the two looks.”

“Michelle Nussbaumer did such an incredible job here,” Paltrow told me during the opening party on November 20. “I love the way the store looks.”

Everything in the shop, from the Chinese pagoda daybed to the wallpaper, is bespoke and designed to fit Goop’s style and branding. “We used my wallpaper on the walls, which had been changed to fit the Goop [color] palette, and all of my fabrics were recolored in a pale pink because Gwyneth loves pink.” The floor coverings are from The Rug Company, the wall panels are a custom Tree of Life pattern from Gracie Wallpaper and Nussbaumer collaborated with Dallas-based ceramist Paul Schneider to create a custom Goop lamp.

“This job was really fun because I viewed it as a stage set,” she says. “It’s a little more dramatic and something I wouldn’t always do. Working on the Goop was really easy and fun.”

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