At Home with Sarah Jessica Parker

This colorful lady likes color in her home.

Photo courtesy Style Sheet

It’s been over two months since I met the fabulous Sarah Jessica Parker while she was promoting her shoe line at Nordstrom. We had a short amount of time together—roughly seven minutes, to be exact—where I was given free range to ask her about whatever I liked. While most of the questions related to her life as a fashion icon, I was able to sneak in a question about her home just for my D Homies.

We all know what Carrie Bradsahw’s bachelorette pad looked like, but what about Sarah Jessica’s New York City home? Before you watch the Vogue video, check out her description of it below. Do you think she was able to accurately illustrate it?

Margaux: How has your love of fashion integrated into spaces like your home?

Sarah Jessica Parker: I have three kids, and I have a husband, and he makes choices as well, so I think it’s not fashion that has told that story in our house, but the things we respond to as a family. My husband has taught me a huge amount about color – his mother was a great painter. So we have a lot of her art. I don’t know if fashion so much plays a part as color and imagery.

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