Friday Fun With Jim Williamson

On his ability to play "The Liberty Bell" on the baritone and so much more.

It’s Friday. I’m sure you’re getting your green outfit together for the big St. Patrick’s Day Parade tomorrow. But take a breather and spend some time with Jim Williamson. I’m I hope everyone has adjusted to the time change. I’m not quite there yet. Forget rise and shine. It has been more like duck and roll back under the covers for me. I do love the extra sunshine, and so does the dog. He gets to have extra playtime at Fair Park. The multitude of blisters on my sockless feet may not have loved it quite as much as the dog, but this, too, shall pass along with a few extra pounds, I hope.

But with spring training also comes spring maintenance and spring cleaning. Even my Mom was into some spring flinging when I spoke with her the other day to wish her a happy birthday. (Happy birthday again, Mrs. Marilyn! And thanks to my brother for the reminder.) While we were on the phone, she asked if there was anything of mine still at our childhood home that I wanted. I couldn’t think of anything except for that baritone I played for so many years—even in college. But then I remembered how many miles and years I had to lug that sucker around, which, by the way, led to a discernable bodily tilt because of the weight and size. Plus I could not see myself trying to recreate one of my award-winning musical solos for Max. Can you imagine if I invited people over and made them listen to me play “The Liberty Bell” on my baritone? It might be worth it if only to see the expressions on people’s faces. But in the end, Mrs. Marilyn came up with the brilliant plan to donate it to the school’s music program.

Here is something else I thought was a good idea: keeping both my house and Max’s house. But guess what? More homes equal more maintenance. And for some reason if something stops working in one house then something will stop working in the other. Those frantic 6:30 a.m. calls alerting me that something isn’t working are not the best way to start the day. It helps to have a “Brad.” A Brad is any man or woman (but in this instance, it is a man) who can fix all kinds of stuff. Everyone needs a Brad and lots of credit cards that end with the word “Depot.” I sometimes I think all I do is work to pay all the Depot cards.

Moving on to something that doesn’t require much work: the new Patio Pacific Collection from JAB. These great looking fabrics are sure to brighten up that patio, deck, or pool cabana for all those beautiful spring and summer days ahead. I like the combination of the floral, stripe, and a little geometric thrown in. And if these look great outdoors, imagine how great they are in the living spaces indoors.

I almost forgot to wish you a Happy St. Patty’s day! And since this is St. Patty’s day weekend, we may just let you skip the spring cleaning until next weekend. Happy Friday!