Fresh Cuts for January

Make the cut. We tell you how.

Clockwise: white anemones, blue hyacinth, pink mini-calla lilies, yellow tulips, and a monochromatic arrangement.

Whew, we made it! The Christmas lights are down, tree disassembled, and resolutions have been made (and not yet broken). With all the stress you went through this holiday season, I think it’s time to treat yourself. After all, you’ve been going to the gym every day and only ate two dozen gingerbread cookies in the past few weeks. . . yikes. Let’s focus on the positive: treating ourselves.

Last month, I shared that my weekly tradition of buying flowers can be budget-friendly when you’re purchasing in-season blooms. So what’s plentiful for January? I stopped by Dr. Delphinium‘s to check it out.

This month’s flowers made it to Dallas from both far and near — anemones from Holland; mini-calla lilies from Columbia; mini-green hydrangea from Columbia; dendrobium orchids from Singapore; and cattleya orchids from the Dr. Delphinium Orchid House in Richardson, Texas.

“The beauty of these stems is that they are stunning on their own — a handful of white anemones gathered to the side in a clear glass vase set on a bedside table or kitchen counter is a fresh burst of spring,” says Lizzie Dunnet, the manager of Dr. Delphi

nium on Lovers Lane. “Even more gorgeous are blooms of blue hyacinth clustered next to bright-shining yellow tulips; a pairing that can be seen in our Spring Collection.”

One of the floral trends their seeing for the upcoming season? Monochromatic arrangements.

“A great inspiration from spring’s collection is a monochromatic fresh spring-green arrangement [we call] Garden Party,” Lizzie says. “Using different flowers in the same color family gives you the chance to play with texture and light adding dimension and interest.”

Some of my favorite flowers popped up this month: anemones make a dramatic statement alone or in an arrangement, and hyacinth have a distinct fragrance that will fill your home.