Obsessed: Goodbye Neon, Hello Jewel Tones

JEWELTONECOLLAGEHome design trends often fall in line with the fashion looks we see on the runway. Our friends at Forty Five Ten recently blogged about the fall of neon and the rise of ladylike and pretty jewel tones. The palette is still vibrant, but with a little less “Hey, look at me!” In the recent D Home, we featured eight products in all the juicy colors of our favorite gemstones. Today I am sharing my four favorites with you.

Clockwise from top left: Arietta chair, $999 at Crate and Barrel; Kyle Bunting Faceta mirror, to the trade at David Sutherland; Richmond throw pillow, $355 at Ralph Lauren; Bouche lamp, $160 at Nest.