5 Up-and-Coming Dallas Neighborhoods

Bryan Place.ashx
Bryan Place is a 10-minute walk from the Arts District.

It’s no secret that the Dallas real estate market is wild and woolly right now. Hip-pocket listings, houses flying off the market the day they are listed, and above-asking-price offers are common occurrences these days. But according to the July issue of D Magazine, which the editors have dubbed “the definitive guide to the hottest market ever,” there are five areas that buyers might be ignoring. Kiestwood, in Oak Cliff, is a Leave It to Beaver neighborhood—minus the children. Bryan Place is a collection of zero-lot garden homes and townhouses (yay for no yardwork!). Canyon Creek offers ranch-style houses and a close-knit community. Jan Mar brings a little bit of nature to the big city—look out for owls, coyotes, and the occasional bobcat. And Lochwood has good deals on midcentury modern homes (average prices are in the $250,000 range). So tell us, dear readers (and real estate agents), did D miss any neighborhoods? What other areas have hidden gems home shoppers might not know about?


  • These are great neighborhoods, I love Bryant Place I sold a home there. It is really a nice place to live and reasonably priced.

  • joshsearching

    Anyone reading this live in the Lochwood area? I’m considering it right now.
    Any comments about anything I should know would be greatly appreciated. Its a tough sell to a wife used to W. Plano. How is the crime? etc


  • Diana

    My husband and I just moved to Buckner Terrace in East Dallas. This is a total hidden gem! Big beautiful homes on big lots. The neighbors are amazing! My husband and I timed the distance from our home to downtown…..5 minutes total. Oh and I forgot the houses are cheap for what you are getting.