Friday Fun with ID Collection’s Jim Williamson

It’s Friday. You know what that means. It’s time for ID Collection’s Jim Williamson to enlighten us. It feels like summer is officially here, which means that you can now expect to continuously sweat for the next four months. This weather make you feel like you are wearing one your grandmother’s 18-hour girdles while encased in a 100-precent polyester pantsuit, pantyhose, and an Eva Gabor wig. (No, I have never donned such an outfit. I just have a very active imagination.) It doesn’t make things better when your friends and clients post pics of themselves departing in their private jets to villas in Capri or St. Tropez. But someone has to live the good life, and it might as well be them. Plus, we get to decorate those jets, villas, and floating palaces, so we are definitely not complaining.

Aside from having a serious case of vacation envy, this week has been kind of crazy. It started with a cocktail party on a Monday night (those always throw me) at the home of design doyenne Michelle Nussbaumer. It was fun to see Auntie Michelle and other friends and clients, as well as some fabulous Chopard jewels on display for the evening. I tried to hint to Magneto (I am still trying out nicknames for my significant other. I had to reject “Hercules” and “Zeus,” for obvious reason. But keep the suggestions coming.) that a particular watch would make an excellent Father’s Day gift to me from the “children.” He was like, “Okay but then I get the vintage Rolex I want from the ‘children’ for Father’s Day. “ That was the end of that conversation.

I have been meeting with lots of manufacturers—some old, some new. One new addition, Casamance, has never been shown in Texas, so we are super excited to welcome them here. It is a great looking fabric line, and the vice president of the company is one charming Frenchman. Every woman and half the men have already instantly fallen in love. Once you see the new line, I am sure you will fall in love, too.

So today, as I finish moving literally hundreds of pieces furniture around, I will be thinking of all the fun others are having during this long, hot summer. I will also be testing out cocktail recipes for Magneto’s infamous Fourth of July party, so I do have that to look forward to. Whether you are on a yacht, a cot, or just running around your block, I hope you have an amazing weekend. And don’t forget about Father’s Day! Chances are he does not want that tie you are thinking about—nor does he want that cologne or the socks or underwear. It’s Father’s Day! He’s not going away to camp, so don’t shop for him like you’re his mother! I suggest you head to Craft & Growler and buy a refillable beer container. Dad will like it.

Happy Friday!