Hilary Walker Tries Her Hand At A Little Paint Dipped Furniture Action

paint dippedBy Hilary Walker


Who remembers Joslyn’s paint dipped furniture blog post from earlier in the month? Well, I have to say that I think I’m with Joslyn on this one. I’m not totally over the “dip-dyed” trend. In fact, I might even be as much as totally into it!

Hence, the reason I took her cue and put together another DIY project for this here “Feather Your First Nest” column.

In line with how we like to do things around here, the steps are simple.

D Home blog - dip-dyed table before

  • 1. First, find your furniture – preferably something wooden that would significantly improve from a coat of paint.
  • 2. Second, thoroughly sand and then wipe down your piece of furniture.
  • 3. Next, cover the portion of your furniture that you would like to remain unpainted (in this case, the bottoms of all four legs) in masking tape.
  • 4. Lastly, prime and paint your furniture with several coats of your favorite spray paint color. I used Krylon Indoor/Outdoor White Primer and Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Regal Blue Gloss.

D Home blog - dip-dyed table

Et voila! My ugly-duckling table became a shining blue example of how transformative a few coats of spray paint can be for a shabby piece of furniture.

Now, your turn!!

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