Love It and Leave It: Sam Sano

I’ve had so much fun connecting with some fabulous bloggers in our town–and I hope you have, too. The talented Sam Sano is our guest blogger today in the last edition of Love It and Leave It (sniff, sniff).  In addition to her successful design blog Style/Swoon, Sam’s design firm Swoon, the Studio creates branding, graphics, products, you-name-it, for the likes of TEDxSMU, the Dallas Cowboys, Neiman Marcus, the Dallas Museum of Art, and on and on and on. If that isn’t enough to convince you of her style prowess, Sam’s house was featured in Design*Sponge at Home, a book of interiors, DIY project, tutorials, and more curated and written by Design*Sponge founder Grace Bonney. Without further ado….


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Leave It in 2012:

Birds: “For the love, please do NOT put a bird on it. Nothing against these feathered friends, just sayin’ – we are all stocked up on birds here people.”

Hollywood regency prints: “I’m not a print girl anyway but the Hollywood Regency prints have been too much, too busy for me since day one. I’ve let a few sneak in here and there but for the most part, no thank you.”

Spiky urchin: “I don’t know what it is about accessories but once I’ve seen them 100 times, I’ve just got to let them go. I have seen this in every photo and home (including my own!). Love the spiky, let’s just all move on from this one.”

Neon: “Still love Neon, just feeling like its’ time to let that bright spot go gently into the night with 2012 (for home decor).”

African Feather Headdress: “Never liked it, still can’t do it. It’s just me, I know this but I’m sending it on with 2012.”

Love It in 2013:

Concrete: “The raw natural quality and the quiet refined yet incredibly rough aspect of concrete give me great respect for anything made with it. Jewerly, accessories or Furniture, I’m sold.”

Brass: “Be still my heart. Still. I may never grow tired of the brass. Like ever.”

Marble: “I’m a sucker for white marble, always have been but now I’m seeing more and more (and loving it) it as objects not just surface covering.”

Worldly Prints: “I have friends that have traveled to India and Morocco this year and I think if I didn’t love all of the dhurrie, kilim action before (which I did) now I really do.”

Black Walls: “Bold, sexy, serious and somehow incredibly soothing and calming all at the same time. Very dramatic.”