Bring Brad Pitt Home. (Or His Line of Furniture Anyway.)

I think we all can agree Brad Pitt is pretty great. Perhaps a few of your are still sore about the Jennifer Aniston thing and how all that went down. To that I say, cool it. I think she’s happier. She’s marrying that guy that we’ve all had a weird crush on since his turn on Six Feet Under. He went to Bennington; he’s an accomplished actor and writer; and he’s hot. Plus Jennifer is rich and successful in her own right, so let’s just put that whole thing to bed. Speaking of beds (see what I did there?), look at this cool piece of furniture designed by one Mr. Brad Pitt. That’s right. Brad Pitt is designing furniture. You should read about it here in this AD article. But the long and the short of it is this: Pitt has teamed with Frank Pollaro to create Pitt Pollaro, a line of furniture that includes a dining table, cocktail table, chairs, a bathtub, and this bed. Better get to shopping—only 42 days until Christmas.