A Love Affair with Ceramics

In addition to sipping herbal cocktails and reveling in the blissful Northern California weather last weekend (the very same weather, I should add, that continues to mock me as I slog through the inferno that is Dallas), I also spent the better part of a morning combing through the Heath Ceramics factory in Sausalito. My husband had to literally drag me out of the place, such is my love for Heath’s earthy yet sculptural brand of plates and bowls and cups and pitchers… I was in ceramics heaven.

I long for a freestanding Heath in Dallas, but given the unlikelihood of that occurring (they’ve yet to venture outside of the golden state), I’ll just continue to get my local fix at Forty Five Ten, as they carry a nice cache of Heath pieces to satisfy any sudden haute bohemian dish urges. Sure I can buy Heath online, but sometimes you just need to encounter the goodness up close and personal, don’t you think?