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COVID-19 Bulletin (02/02/22)

Pediatric COVID-19 hospitalizations are going up. Pfizer progress on child vaccine.
By Jencie Tomasek |
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Early Pfizer data shows that vaccine when administered at one-tenth strength of an adult shot is safe for children and produces an immune response. Regulators are encouraging the company to add a third dose to boost vaccine effectiveness in children. Read more with the Dallas Morning News, here.

New polls show Texans are split on feelings about wearing masks. Asking the participants if they have worn a mask in the past seven days or if they’re more or less likely to support an elected official if they support a mask mandate are a few of the many questions asked in the poll, see the poll results from DMN here.

There are 3,704 patients with COVID-19 in North Texas hospitals, which is an 18 patient decrease from January 31st. COVID-19 patients account for 43.2 percent of adult ICU patients. There are 135 pediatric COVID-19 patients, which is an increase of 4 pediatric patients since yesterday, says DFW Hospital Council CEO Steve Love.

North Texas congressman Colin Allred tests positive for COVID-19 after European trip. CBS DFW covers the story here.

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