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COVID-19 Bulletin (11/04/20)

FDA released further information on COVID-19 drugs. Dallas saw over 700 cases.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins reported 719 new COVID-19 cases on Tuesday with one death. The death was of a man in his 60s with underlying high-risk health conditions.

Researchers from The Food and Drug Administration released further information about the approval of remdesivir, a drug used to treat hospitalized COVID-19 patients intravenously. The antiviral drug was the first to get full FDA approval to treat COVID-19, The Dallas Morning News reported.

Over 5,700 Texans are currently hospitalized for COVID-19 with nearly 4,000 new cases reported across the state on Monday. There were 20 confirmed deaths, The Texas Tribune reported.

As COVID-19 cases in El Paso continue to rise, health officials discuss lessons learned from the spike in COVID-19 cases in the Rio Grande Valley this July. KERA News reported similarities between the two areas and the advice of health officials.


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