COVID-19 Bulletin (07/23/20)

Dallas County reported a record 30 deaths on Wednesday, but only 413 new cases.

Clay Jenkins reported a record 30 deaths in Dallas County from COVID-19 on Wednesday, but noted the positive trend of just 413 new cases. “It’s too early to say if this is the beginning of a trend or some anomaly but we were expecting good results from mask compliance after most persons visiting businesses and around others outside their home have been wearing their mask,” he wrote.

Hospitals are “desperate” for more convalescent plasma of recovered COVID-19 patients, as demand for plasma is exceeding supply. With hospitalizations climbing higher, the need for plasma has also gone up as patients who are not responding to other treatments receive plasma. The Dallas Morning News has more.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a serious bite out of the state budget, with the Texas comptroller reporting that the state will have $11.6 billion less to spend next year, meaning lawmakers will have to make sizable cuts, The Texas Tribune reports.

Texas summer camps are spreading COVID-19 despite taking precautions, and many parents are worried that school will be the next place to spread the disease. Camps across the state have paused, closed, and reduced capacity as they deal with the new cases. Read Texas Monthly for more.


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